Latest digital marketing trends 2019 to boost your business online

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Digital marketing trends are changing constantly and one needs to update their digital marketing strategy if they want to see some positive result in 2019. Something new, trendy is always coming up and the strategy that works for today, there’s a chance it might not work tomorrow.

By keeping in flow with the latest trends in Digital Marketing for 2019 will help them gain a competitive edge in the online market and develop new ways and strategies to grow their businesses, generate potential leads and improve the relationship with their existing customers.

To make things easier for you to improve your business growth for 2019 here are some of the latest trends in Digital Marketing you should consider to work on and implement.

1) Voice search

Voice search is becoming popular with the audience with the entering of smart speakers like Alexa, Google home. It is said that by 2020, more than 45% of searches will be voice-based.

In the market, there are two types of voice searches. One as mentioned above is smart speakers whereas other types are device pre-installed like Siri and Google Assistant. These types of voice searches display search results on the device screens. As more and more internet users are interacting, brands are strategizing to use these feature to deliver to their services to the customers.

Voice engine optimization is what businesses should put their focus onto to make most out of the voice searches. So it is the job of the digital marketers to leverage these opportunities to increase their click-through rates.

2) Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial is one such trend that is going to stay for a longer run. Most of the major companies & MNC’s like Amazon are investing in AI and machine learning for better growth.

What AI does is that it helps digital marketers to use the collected data and predict the likely patterns the customers follow for their strategy in terms of how to engage with the audience with emails burst, digital advertising etc.

Most of the e-commerce companies depend on AI to use the data and learn the buying pattern, demographics in order to create a personalised approach by offering them discounts and offers.
In 2019, AI is going to enter other areas like banking, finance, and teaching.

3) Chatbots Integration

The chatbot is the first link of communication between the end user and customer service in 2019. According to a study. more than 40% of the users interact with the chatbots when they land up on the website.

Chatbots offer real-time assistance and play a major role in improving customer service and help a digital marketer to better engage the audience. Real-time assistance to the user, dedicated support and proactive interactions is how chatbots benefit the company

Studies predict that traffic driven through messaging OTT apps is going to reach over 100 trillion 2019 globally.

4) Live Videos

Live streaming is in hype lately as it is a free and effective way to show the real-time engagement of users. Produced in a short time, this live content promotion is the fastest way to target the interest-based audience.

Digital marketers make use of live streaming videos as it allows them to engage with their followers and leads, boost their traffic on various social media channels and reach out to a broader audience.

Live videos can generate higher impressions and views by the audience than those posts published in the usual newsfeed and other sections. especially if users choose to post them to their stories.

5) Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing

The difference between Augmented and Virtual Reality as a marketing strategy is that in augmented reality the user can test the product in a real-life setting. This allows the user to decide on a product by knowing how it will look in real life when they buy it. That’s how powerful it can be to your marketing plan as users are able to test your products before actually buying it. This can be the driving force in their buying behaviour.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, is an entirely new environment created for an individual to experience where the businesses can use it for marketing their products and services.
Over the years, both the technologies, Augmented and Virtual reality is in usage and the figure is expected to reach more than 50 million in 2019.
Companies and businesses will continue to adapt the Augmented & Virtual Reality technology to provide a vivid experience of their products and services to the end-consumer.

So here are the latest trends in Digital Marketing for 2019 which you can work upon if you want to see a drastic upward change in your sales figures and to maintain a long-lasting connection with your audience.

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