Website Redesign Services

Attract more users to you website with our website redesign service

Looking For Revamping Your Website?You’ve got just a few seconds to grab the visitor’s attention!When you hire Leigia to rebuild and redesign your website, our primary goal is to improve your bottom line. A feature rich revamped website will get you more traffic, drive more leads, and ultimately increase your revenue.

Is your website good online representative for your Business?

Reasons Why Your Website requires Redesigning

Impact of a Website Redesign

Effective website design services for a positive effect on brand's bottom line

Increase Sales and Acquire New Customers

A new website can help attract new leads and turn those leads into your best customers.

Improve Brand Awareness

The first step in landing new customers is letting them know you exist. A clean, modern and well-designed website also goes a long way.

Improve Search Visibility

A new and improved design will give your website a quick growth in rankings in search engines giving the benefit of lead generation and sales.

Improve user-experience and accessibility

Website redesign can expand your potential buyer audience, decrease bounce rate and boost consumer outreach.

Our Website Redesign Services

Our website redesigning services ensures that your website performs better

Our Approach towards Website Redesigning Services

Web redesigning services in action!!

We provide website redesigning to clients who are actually not happy with their old websites. We work with full dedication and design a unique website for your business. Our team also takes care of all aspects of W3C standards and build SEO friendly websites.

Our approach towards website redesigning services:

  • Website Evaluation
    Our expert web designers thoroughly evaluates your current website with respect to functionality, content, identify which area of the current website is not meeting the business goals and so on.
  • Business Goal Identification
    We discuss what your business goals are and identify potential areas on the website that would focus on these goals. Once the goals are identified we then work on crafting the website design around it.
  • Strategy Creation
    Our expertise is above and beyond the ordinary and we work strategically both in design as well in development to give you a seamless performance.
  • Needs Assessment
    We work on getting the right assessments of your business needs which addresses your goals, target audience that you would want your website to focus on.
  • Implementation
    Our expertise would work closely with your team in building the website that promises to achieve the target goals of your business.
  • Review & Launch
    After code implementation our expertise will get final approval and make your website live. It’s not over here! We also maintain the website at the same time.