Software Development

Custom Software Development Solutions in Goa for your Business

Today in tech-savvy world, software development is helping businesses, small & large, to streamline their work, reach to the audience by offering simplified solutions and reach great heights of success. Leigia is the leading custom software development company in Goa specialising in developing customised software solutions both online and offline, which efficiently automate business processes and generate business value for a company. We work on the latest technologies and our custom business software solutions are designed to meet the exact needs of our client.

Our software development process involves

Our software development service in Goa ensures you a highly productive and efficient software for business


This is the kick-off stage where our expert’s work to collect the requirements of the clients. Professionals create a basic design at this point to proceed with the further development.


With the design available in hand, a developer builds a unique approach to build a customized software as per the client’s needs. After the completion,the software is tested for users acceptance and then deployed in the market for the end users.


After deployment, our team provides complete assistance in server monitoring and a successful working of the software. We provide entire customer support

  • Flexibility

    The software should be able to add, modify and adapt to changes without letting it affect its current functionality. Flexibility is an important capability for a software to meet the business purpose for which it being developed.
  • Performance and Efficiency

    Performance of a software is determined when the software is feed with multiple instructions and is still able to deliver the output with any lag. Performance usually is the response time of the software
  • Usability and Accessibility

    A custom software should be simple, taking less time to complete a job and should be able to support different accessibility types of control. Improving the software's accessibility enhances the usability for all users.
  • Testability and Manageability

    Software quality depends on how well the it has been tested. Use most efficient testing tools and methods for better results. A quality software should also be manageable after deployment.
  • Portability

    A good software is the one which should have the ability to perform same functions, for which it is built, across all environments and working platforms.
  • Security

    Security is the most important factor that should be considered especially for the web-based and mobile based ones. All possible types of security leaks should be considered while designing the software

Our Software development Approach

We follow best practices & planned efforts to ensure On-time and high-quality software

Current System analysis

Our Software developers first review the software build in past and analyse what felt short to accomplish the purpose

Requirement Gathering

Our experts discuss clearly define project requirements with clients and then create a list of deliverable actions to ensure the project meets the needs.

Design and Implementation

Our team of software developers works with the latest technology to design a solution that meets the established requirements.


We testers carry out unit testing of each module developed and also get Customer Acceptance Testing done from client.


We initiate and deploy the developed software at the client’s establishment and also provide the initial training to operate.


Our software experts address any training or usability issues and make sure that any reported issues are fixed.