PPC Advertising : Boon for Small Business Marketing

Thinking about how will you get customers or clients on your doorsteps.The answer is simple. PPC Advertising
As a fact, when you place an Ad about your business on first three positions of major search engines, there are chances of getting 41% more clicks than the rest.
Surprising right? But first let’s know

What is PPC Advertising
PPC or Pay-per-click Advertising is one of the most popular forms of economical advertising for a small business startup. Unlike other traditional marketing methods where you end up paying a bomb to advertise over TV, Radio or Billboards, Advertising with PPC model fits your budget. This is because you only pay when some user clicks on your ads and is directed to your business website.

The basic concept here is that you are paying search engines like Google, Bing etc to show your business ads on their Search Engine Result Page (SERP). As Google has the highest share of the total search volume across globe, running a PPC ad on it sounds wise.
Google offers you its very known product Google Adwords that will give you the space to create and place your ads on it. PPC is also commonly called as “search engine marketing” (SEM), and “paid search.” So if you hear any of these terms, don’t get confused. Plus, Over the time PPC model has evolved into other pricing models such as CPM (pay per thousand impressions) or CPA (pay when a click on the ad leads to a conversion).

How will a PPC campaign help your small business startup
Some might suggest you to simply optimize your business website content for Search Engines which is called as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). But most of the time ranking organically in search engine page results can be highly competitive and can take weeks, maybe months,  which is not advisable to go for in case you need to drive decent revenue fast.

Having said that let’s see how PPC advertising can help your business to grow in terms of awareness and revenue

– PPC or Paid search advertising allows businesses, especially small businesses, an opportunity to be visible on the first pages of Search Engine results and increase the chances of getting a conversion.

– Compared to other forms of marketing, PPC offers small businesses a higher ROI.

– With PPC you can target the right audience by using the keywords that they use to search, the location where they search from, demographics, and so on. With this one does not have to pay for advertising to the uninterested audience.

– It helps to develop a strong brand recognition as small businesses use the same keywords that the audience are using to show their ads. A business thus gets noticed much more quickly.


All read and done, you might be all ready to go on to google and start marketing your business. But hold on, as simple as it sounds, if you are new at this and not technically sound, the best suggestion would be to approach a professional PPC advertising company. As experts in this domain, a PPC ad agency will not only help you set up your account in Google Adwords but also work towards getting you Higher ROI. Letting a PPC ad agency do the ads for you helps your business as they use tools to measure the performance that helps to optimize the ads for more better performance and ROI’s. Something which you, as a non-technical person, would miss out.


Speaking of professionals.
As a leading Digital Marketing company in Goa, Legia solutions specializing in PPC Ads services. We work as a team with you and keep you updated about the performance of your ads and target keywords rankings. We discuss with you regarding what best can be done to improve your website traffic and thus boost your revenue. We keep track of what users are searching and work accordingly that will help your business branding and sales. This also boosts your company’s online presence.
Till now, we have worked and created many PPC campaigns that have generated revenues for our clients locally and globally.
Talking about your competitors, Our SEO experts in Goa perform thorough competitor research in order to find the best keywords that are relevant to your brand and further use them to optimize the Ads. At Leigia Solutions, we have our content development team to create compelling Ad copy for your services that will draw users searching for it and then click it.

Our main goal as a leading Digital Marketing Company in Goa is to assist businesses in defining their SEM objectives, strategize and implement it, so that desired results can be achieved.