Facebook Marketing : What it is and how it can help Business

Today most of the people are active on Facebook. Sharing their story, uploading photos of the restaurant they visited, 360-degree videos of their new home and so on. Facebook has entered every part of our daily life and according to studies “ Every second there are 20,000 people on Facebook”.

Facebook, over the years, has moved from a simple social networking website and evolved itself as a Business platform where millions of people are running their business on it through the Facebook business page. There are around 40 million active business pages created by small businesses on Facebook as it gives them the platform to connect to larger audience at a pocket friendly budget. If you have just started a business and wants to learn about this marketing platform then you should first know what it is and how you can reap out the benefits from it. Let us first get the idea of what Facebook marketing is.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing basically refers to creating a Facebook page and actively using it as a medium to connect and attract new audience. Users who are registered on the site can create a business page for their company, organization to develop followers or audience for their business products and services. Strategizing and using Facebook business features to create Facebook campaigns, or Facebook Ads as most commonly known, targeting the right audience, right location and matching interest is what Facebook Marketing revolves around.

Use of these Facebook marketing campaigns has helped a lot of start-up businesses as well as established businesses to boost their sales and brand expansion.

How does it do?
Let’s look at some of the benefits that make business consider Facebook as their part of their marketing strategy

1) Massive Exposure locally and globally

Facebook has a large audience database compared to other social media channels. More than 1 billion users login and use their Facebook account in a day. It offers various platforms for businesses to market their product and services in the form of pages, groups and ads. Users who follow a business group or page can post comments and engage with the post that business floats on its page.

2) Pocket-friendly marketing

A small business can easily start a Facebook page at no cost and display the information about its products or services to their potential buyers or customers.
Also, Facebook Ads enable businesses to target the audience based on demographics at a cost that fits anyone’s budget. Facebook collects a number of attributes and these can be used to create a target audience for the ads.
Facebook provides an option to the business page advertisers for what it will charge. An advertiser can select the option of being charged for getting more impressions or leads in the form of messages. The users can set a daily budget limit or lifelong budget that will allow the Ads to run on that entire budget for the specific days selected. Also one can modify the ads on real-time basis if the desired results are not generating. This is the most important features that give the advertisers to manage their ads properly and reduce unnecessary costs.

3)  Targeting Potential buyers
Facebook ads allow you to target potential customers based on their demographics and interests. Based on the user that you want to target, you can select the demographic they fall into, location, age, place of work, interests and so on. It also has re-targeting options where one can advertise to those visitors who had earlier visited the business website. This totally narrows down the target audience for the business advertisers.

4) Building Brand Loyalty
Easy and quick interaction between customers and businesses is possible on the Facebook platform as the users are most of the time engaging on Facebook. For businesses it is easy to respond to customers whenever they place an enquiry through messenger or by simply commenting on the post. This, in turn, promotes brand loyalty of the business. It helps the businesses to provide effective customer support by quickly addressing the query. As young users are growing more and more on Facebook and engaging with brands and services. Quick response to their queries makes the brand look genuine.
On Facebook engagement happens on the creative posts that the business floats in the form of likes, comments, interactions and thus leads to a positive connections with potential buyers. More the interaction and engagement, stronger are the chance of getting a conversion. Also, it gives a bit of insight to the business about which products the followers are mostly to buy at their physical store too.

5) Increasing in Web Traffic
Facebook users can also be guided to the business website by sharing the appropriate links by posting it on the business page wall. The users who have made up their mind of knowing more about the product or service featured on the post land up on the business website by clicking on the link.

Once the user land on the website, he or she can then check out the products and services and if interested might contact the business through the contact details or other call-to-action features like signing up for newsletter or emails.On the other side, when these users like the Facebook business page, get regular updates about the upcoming products. And if it attracts them, chances are that they will share the information on their personal profile page. By doing this, their friends too can get to know about the brand and can land up on the business website leading to conversions.

Above are some of the benefits that Facebook marketing provides to the businesses. But one needs to be careful when interacting with such a large audience. Along with benefits, if the steps and strategy are not worked out properly then it can backfire too causing the business harm. A simple negative comment or a review from a user can affect the brand and business.

To avoid this a business or brand needs to hire professionals who work on such platforms on daily basis. Hiring a Facebook marketing agency/company let them to focus on their main business goals.

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