Digital remarketing campaigns : How it can help small business grow

Ever felt the pinch when you see a huge traffic landing on your website but not a single conversion happened? Do visitors abandon your website after spending some time and then move over to your competitors just to compare what better they can get.
If yes, then you need to think it over what to do next after such a huge bounce rate hitting your website. How to re-engage and bring back those audiences that abandoned your website and get them to buy it from you.
The answer is REMARKETING.
Your efforts through SEO or social media may have brought them to your site, but for some reason they did not hit the call now button on your website. With digital remarketing you can stay on top of users’ minds who have visited your website after they have left.
So what is Remarketing?
Remarketing is a digital marketing tactic that involves showing relevant ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app.

How Digital Remarketing works?
When a user visits your website, a cookie gets stored on the user’s browser. The cookies track the user’s movement and track each navigation of the user while storing information about the activity excluding the user’s name and address. When the user leaves the website, the cookies will initiate the ads that will be shown to the cookie user when he visits other sites.

Different types of Remarketing

Standard Remarketing
When a user visits your website but did not take any profitable actions and leaves the website for further searches or any other reason, you use the standard remarketing method. Using this remarketing method, one can display ads to the bounced visitors and create an opportunity to convert them to buyers.
One of the best ways to remarket with Google Ads, standard remarketing also is used to target visitors who use keywords related to your products or services that you are offering to search on popular search engines like Google.

For example, if you search for the best digital marketing company in Goa and then ads start to appear in your search engine result pages (SERPs) which shows you digital marketing companies that operate in Goa. An actual method of remarketing and is a great push to the SEO ranking of your business website.

Dynamic Remarketing or Search remarketing
Ads that are based on the visitor’s specific behaviour are called Dynamic Remarketing Ads. This behaviour can be concerning to your business website or an app where the users are targeted based on the products and services they viewed on your site.
There are extra settings and reports provided to remarketing content or products that are most likely to interest your users.
It increases their chances of coming back to your webpage for making a purchase. Dynamic remarketing takes remarketing a step further as it increases the chances of previous visitors coming back to your webpage for making a purchase.
For example, if a person added a product into his cart on an eCommerce website, dynamic remarketing ads will include the exact products, with price and description making them more likely to click it and buy.

Video Remarketing
Video Remarketing is all about remarketing to YouTube viewers of your YouTube business channel or if they have watched any product walk-through video while browsing your website. As people are attracted and easily engages through videos than other formats, Video Remarketing is considered be among the important types of remarketing.
For example, you see the ads to join an online course as you have seen the video about the course introduction on the online course provider’s website.

Email Remarketing
Email Remarketing is a widely used method to boost sales. Considered one of the best practices, email remarketing is similar to email marketing, but the only difference is here you are attracting customers or users back onto a website.
Taking an example of a shopping site where a cart reminder email is sent to the registered visitors to complete a purchase. Text body along with a call to action (CTA) button in the emails .
Sending a relevant and personalized mail is what will attract the customer to do a purchase on the website.

Digital Marketing Services for Remarketing

Google AdWords Remarketing
Google Ads remarketing uses Google Display and Google Search Network to display Ads which includes static images, videos, and text ads. Google ads management for small businesses is

Facebook Remarketing
Facebook remarketing is all about using targeted facebook advertising campaigns to increase sales and revenue.
When a user visits your website, landing page, or Facebook business page, using a cookie or pixel which gets added to their browser, one can target the audience with the data collected from the cookies.

Grow your business with remarketing services in Goa from Leigia

Remarketing is a smart way to connect with customers to your website who may not have made any enquiry or purchased any products on their first visit.
Leigia helps you to follow up with your target audience and provoke them for a purchase with digital remarketing ads with higher acquisition rates and lower cost-per-click rates. We create and manage remarketing ads through Google AdWords and Facebook Ad manager. Our professional digital marketing experts in Goa creates a list of target audience segments of the customers as per their interests, demography and promotes engaging ad copies with images, videos that compels them to visit your website or physical store again and complete the purchase.