Creative ways to stay connected with your customers

For any business to survive in the market regular flow of customers
is important. It may be a local cake shop or a big showroom of cars. Everyone is looking out for customers to visit them and buy their products or offerings.
The competition these days has increased manifolds. Consumers have various brand options to choose from for a particular product that they want to purchase. It becomes difficult for a new brand to attract consumers who are already hooked onto other established brands. A brand needs to establish a relationship with their customer to engage them.
Thus it has become more important for businesses mostly the ones that have just started up to communicate with their customers frequently using various marketing channels at hand.
The current situation is such that people are online most of the time. They are either buying and looking for some information. The online marketing channels has made it easier for businesses to easily connect with their audience to grow the customer base. There’s promotional email, social media, paid ads and more.
But with so many options available it becomes difficult to choose the best one. Sure social media is considered to be best when it comes to engaging with customers real-time. But it might not be so efficient for other business types.
To create a strong and long-lasting relationship with customers one needs to connect with them actively & creatively. Here are the best creative ways a business can stay connected with the customers and stay on top of their mind.

Conduct a customer survey
By conducting customer surveys, a business can know about their audience’s needs directly. After the needs are known, brands can drive their offers to meet consumer’s needs which will get traction in their sales.
One can also put a smart social media poll where they can answer a single question. Once you get the data from your followers or buyers, use this data to make smarter decisions and help the marketing team to better understand the target audience.

Be active on Social media
One of the best ways to connect with the audience is through social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram offers the brands to directly connect with their brand followers in real-time and respond to their concerns effectively.
You can reach out to your audience at any time and engage with them through conversations without waiting for customers to call you up or mail you. This is a great way to show your prompt customer service by listening and answering their questions and concerns.
Being active on social media and posting industry-related content can boost your authority as being an industry leader and help you connect with prospective customers.

Send newsletters
Newsletters are a great way to send out business-related information to potential clients. The content of the newsletter should be short enough for people to understand what you want to convey and drive them through include links towards your website or other sources where they can avail your services.
Integrating your social media channels on the newsletter also allows consumers to share your content on their profile thus building your audience base and letting potential clients know about your expertise.

Writing content rich blog
Blogging is considered as one of the best ways to connect with the audience through fresh content on a topic relevant for your target consumers.
Writing quality blogs is important as this will increase the conversation with your customers as they comment on your blog with their questions. Also, blogs will help you understand consumer behaviour by checking if they like and share your blog post.
The more they share your blog, your knowledge on your domain will get spread to their peers who will then connect to your business for any need. Blogs create a sense of customer loyalty among the audience to stick to your brand as they will get assurance about their needs getting fulfilled.

Send personalised mails
A thank you mail to specific customers after they bought your service or products can make them feel important. Once customers feel valued, they buy from your more often and also recommend your brand to others. This initiates word of mouth advertising which is a very powerful way to market your business.

Leverage mobile technology
Almost 90% of consumers have mobile these days. Integrating your mobile app with SMS or text message service can help you connect to your audience personally. Messages asking customers to avail special offers on your app can help create a reminder to connect to your app and check out your offers.
App integrated with GPS can also target consumers located near your store and ask them to drop to check out new product or release.

Bank on Webinars
Develop strong customer relationship with live webinars, workshop or seminars. Inviting a well-known speaker from your domain can infuse interest in your audience towards your brand.
Educating customers about your brand products live is a great way to engage them and make them feel involved. A personalised feel is always welcomed by customers no matter what products you are selling.

How can a digital marketing company help you stay connected with your customers

To grow your business online is not an easy task when you are busy taking care of the business. In this case, it’s always advisable for a business person to hire a professional digital marketing company who will take care of your entire online presence with their professional team who are experts in working with different digital marketing channels. Be it SEO, SEM, SMM, email marketing or content marketing, a digital marketing agency will provide professional hands that will work on your online brand promotions and marketing.
An expert digital marketing company will have individual teams working on specific service to give 360-degree service to the clients. There will be a SEO team that will take care of website optimisation and search engine ranking, social media team to handle the social media profiles, Graphic and video editing to develop engaging content that will make a brand stand out in the market.
To get success online, one needs to put time and efforts in promoting one’s business and reach the masses.
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