Benefits of hiring a full service digital marketing agency in 2020

Every single day a new startup business or a brand gets launched in the market. In this fast-paced influencing and competitive business industry where the big players are already set, it is a bit difficult for a startup and small businesses to make an impact but not impossible.
When you start a business or come up with a unique product that is not introduced before in the market, you need to have a strong marketing strategy to go about so that it reaches the right audience effectively.
In today’s time, this can be done strategically with the help of digital marketing which will help startups to successfully market better and more efficiently than old big businesses.
But the questions that come to mind.

How to market a business online? Whom to approach?

Should you take a risk by assigning the role to the in-house marketing team? Should you approach boutique digital marketing agencies specialised in one particular area of service and get them on-board together? or should you partner with a full-service digital marketing agency that will provide you with 360-degree digital marketing solutions under one roof that will handle all aspects of your online business needs and streamline all online marketing efforts?

Digital marketing has turned out to be a proven marketing technique that businesses nowadays are adapting to, to increase their customer reach and generate leads & profits.
Giving the task of handling digital marketing activities to your in-house marketing can turn out to be inefficient. Handling other marketing activities like print media, TV ads, brand management, and then focusing on digital marketing can be a daunting task for the team.
Hiring individual agencies offering one or two digital marketing services can be inconvenient as far as team communication and building a cohesive plan of marketing your business online is concerned.

Instead of relying on multiple digital marketing agencies, it is profitable and smart for a brand or business to work with a full-service digital marketing agency that is goal-focused, provides cost-effective services and will drive significant growth to your business.
The world is changing drastically at the technological front. Advancement in digital media is too evident. Customer’s preferences are also shifting daily. In such scenarios, a brand needs a professional full-service digital marketing agency with a team proficient in the latest trends and digital marketing strategies that will keep your business ahead of your competitors

What is a full-service digital marketing agency?
A full-service digital marketing agency helps businesses and brands to create successful online presence & meet their business goals by leveraging digital marketing channels with online marketing and advertising services.
A 360-degree online marketing agency that comprises teams that handle different areas of digital marketing such as website designing & development, SEO, SEM, social media, Paid advertising, content writing and so on.
In short, a full-service digital marketing agency offers everything your business needs for marketing your brand name, promoting products, and advertising services under one roof.

End-to-end solutions for digital marketing
A full-scale digital marketing agency acts as a one-stop-shop that offers various online advertising services to its clients.
They will evaluate your business goals and offer customised services suited to your budget, goals, and development.
A full-fledged online marketing agency will provide its clients with the following services.

  • Responsive Website Development
    A responsive website is necessary for a business to showcase their profile to the customer irrespective of the device being used. A digital marketing agency with its team of expert web developers builds a mobile responsive website that gives the flexibility for users to easily navigate across the website for products or services they are looking for without any hassle.
  • SEO
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the art of optimising the website’s content and code structure according to search engine guidelines and ultimately improving search engine rankings for business exposure. An SEO team will help a business to rank their website on the search engine such as Google organically.
    People when they search for products or services on search engines using certain terms which match your product and services, they will see your business website in the searches. Thus increasing the chances of conversions
  • SEM
    Pay per click is a way of using a search engine to advertise your business and reach out to the potential users. It is a paid advertisement in which the advertiser has to pay a search engine for every click on its website link. Selecting the correct demography with the attractive landing page will yield you a better result. A digital marketing agency will help a business to reach its niche audience with targeted ads and get traffic on the business website in a short time. The huge turn out of traffic on the website can boost the organic rank of the business website, thus leading to more conversions
  • Social Media Marketing
    A growth hacking digital marketing agency will help a brand to build business profiles on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to attract followers and direct them to their business website for the purchase of service or products. With user-targeted content and using relevant URLs, traffic can be boosted towards a particular page and get conversions.
    Social media is a great place to share information about the company or business and what they are into. By doing regular posting a brand can keep their followers hooked upon their page for more and eventually lead to conversions that will boost their ROI in the long run.
  • Email Marketing
    Email Marketing is considered as one of the most important and cost-effective ways of marketing any business whether big or small. An online marketing agency will help brands and businesses design emailers or newsletter regarding offers, promotions, new arrivals to the list of potential buyers and past customers.
  • Online Reputation management
    Reputation is everything and when it is over the internet it matters a lot. As billions of people are on the internet for their needs and requirements, for a brand to maintain a good image is important as that will decide its growth in the competitive market. A digital agency with their team of online reputation management experts will help your brand stay in good limelight and grow your audience on different digital channels such as search engines like Google, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Digital Agency

When you hire digital marketing service from a company, the question sure comes to the mind “what benefits will my business get by hiring a full-service digital marketing agency?”
Here are some

  • Higher conversion rate & ROI
    A digital marketing agency will help your brand to connect with your audience across digital platforms. By implementing strategies, the agency will help your business get leads & conversions which will boost your sales figure. Ads, promotions, shout outs on social media, these are some of the strategies that will push buyers to purchase a product or service from a brand.
  • Global Market Reach
    Digital marketing helps the brand reach global marketplace quickly than as traditional marketing. Digital marketing agency offers many services to its clients to connect with the internet audience, platforms where they are active and provides opportunities to showcase their products and services.
  • Increase brand trust
    Having an online presence on digital media helps the customers to build trust in the brand and initiate a communication link. Hiring a professional digital marketing agency will help businesses build trust with their audience and grow their bottom line.
  • Beat the competition
    Once you partner with a digital marketing agency it will help you grow your reach and expand your business with effective marketing tactics and can get you ahead of your competitors.
  • Cost effective
    A professional digital marketing agency will know your business needs and budget that you can invest. Accordingly, the agency will design a package which is cost-effective and where results can be tracked and measured.

Why You Should Hire A Full-Service Digital Agency

Growing a business or brand through digital marketing can be a daunting task. Especially when a business is busy taking care of their customers. In such scenarios, hiring a full-service digital agency is a big relief for the business.
A full- service agency will cover the entire spectrum of digital marketing services and build an online presence that will benefit the business with huge returns on investment.
Digital marketing agencies have specialised teams working on different domains of online marketing. Thus a brand does not have to go on a hunt for agencies that work on niche digital marketing service. Would you like to approach an agency that only provides SEO service or a full-fledged internet marketing company that also offers you a responsive website, social media marketing and so on? You know the right answer.
Plus when you work with a digital marketing agency, they will guide you to make future decisions concerning the products and service using the analytics and decision making tools that will enhance your growth in the long run.

Leigia is a 360-degree digital marketing company based in Goa offering various digital marketing services under one roof. Our in-house team of expert digital marketers help the brand to reach globally through various digital media and engage with the audience that boosts its growth in the market.
Our digital marketing service in Goa includes:

  1. Responsive mobile-friendly business website
    We develop attractive and user-engaging responsive websites that will promote our client’s businesses effectively. Our expert website designers in Goa use their creative minds and put together your business profile in a well-structured and fully-featured website that will not only showcase your business details but also help generate potential leads.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation
    Along with website designing, being on a search engine is equally important as that is where people start searching for the products or services you might be selling too. Leigia has a team of seo experts that helps in ranking your business website on Google search engine which gives boost to your lead generation strategy organically.
  3. Search Engine Marketing
    We are the Paid marketing experts in Goa that will help your market your business on Google search engine. Our Google Adwords specialists in Goa will strategically place your business ads on Google using the keywords that your potential users are using to search for the products or service they are interested in.
  4. Social Media Marketing
    Social media is a platform where a brand can connect to their audience personally. The social media marketing geniuses at Leigia, help businesses to build and maintain social media profiles that will engage with their audience and grow brand following & conversions in the long run.
    Apart from handling the social media profiles with engaging creative posts, we also help businesses to market and advertise through these platforms. We help you reach out to the right audience based on applied demography via facebook ads, instagram ads and bring in quality leads that would convert to buyers.
  5. Email Marketing
    Email marketing is important as it was before. Now with advancement in email marketing tools that are available, one needs to approach professionals who craft amazing email marketing strategies to market and promote a brand to existing and potential new buyers.
  6. Content Marketing
    Content is important to drive audiences to your website or other platforms where you market and promote your business. Content marketing involves everything from web copywriting to blogs, social media content to email marketing content. Being a proficient content marketing agency in Goa, we help brands connect to the right audience with the right branding tone that will only boost the brand awareness and engagement.
  7. Graphic designing
    Visuals are equally important and sometimes considered to have an upper hand over text. Our expert graphic designers in Goa design uniques ideas on canvas which promotes the brand in a positive way that will generate more and more brand engagement and boost the promotional activities leading to more conversions.
  8. Video Marketing
    Videos tell stories about your brand. We use advanced video creation and editing tools to produce engaging videos that tell brand stories to your niche audience and generate interest. Leigia is a professional video marketing company creating engaging videos for all types of video marketing campaigns, including social media videos, website videos, and video advertising.
  9. Online Reputation Management
    Reputation is everything and being a professional digital marketing agency, we create an impactful & positive online reputation of your brand on all digital media channels & create better connections with your customer for long term relationships.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Goa, we market and promote your brand with fresh ideas and concepts that will reach to the right audience and connect with them personally that will initiate a positive communication with your brand.
So if you need help with SEO, web design, social media and all things that are digital marketing, we are your perfect partners to facilitate your growth.