Why is use of a Channel Manager Software important for every Hoteliers.

Many of the hotels and resorts are dependent on the OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) for their booking and also presence. But handling and updating inventories and pricing on all the OTAs manually becomes cumbersome. And while you are taking care of the guests, you tend to miss it out.
That is where a channel manager software comes to rescue.

What is a Channel Manager Software?

A Channel Manager Software automates the distribution of hotel rooms, and other accommodation types, onto listing websites (channels or OTAs) where travelers can book.
Channel Management Software for hotel and resorts have been there from past few years in order to improve hotel reservations operations and also to accelerate the process.

Centralize and manage different OTAs at a time
A hotel Channel Manager software is a system that updates the availability and rates of the hotel rooms directly to major OTAs like Booking.com, Make My Trip etc. and retrieves reservations accordingly. This software makes it easier for the hotelier to avoid overbooking and rates issue and offer room booking online.
Without a channel manager, it becomes difficult for hoteliers to coordinate with the OTAs like Booking.com, Make My Trip because of time constraint and personal attention to managing these. Sometimes the hoteliers offer few rooms to be booked online so as to avoid overbooking and also to lessen the margin that they have to pay to these third party agents.A channel manager software solves all these issues. After installing a Channel Manager, the hotel can directly update, without the involvement of their staff, the availability of the rooms and rates.

How does a Channel Manager work?

A Channel Manager software connects the hotel’s booking engine directly to all major OTAs or online distribution channels. When there is a booking at the hotel reception or front desk, the status is added on the hotel booking engine software or the PMS. Then the Channel Manager automatically updates the room availability on all the OTAs.This, in turn, saves both time and money of the hotelier for not appointing a hotel’s staff to login and change the availability in all the channels.
If in case there is a reservation come on any one of the OTAs ( eg. Make My Trip, Expedia), the channel manager software updates the availability record automatically in all the other connected OTA’s and the hotel room booking software or PMS so that there is a uniformity in rooms availability.
The Reservation Department’s personnel can easily retrieve information of every reservation and all the necessary information, including payment and guest details. Thus the time that would have been required to do manually is totally reduced. Like rooms availability, rates of the respective rooms can also be updated through a Hotel Channel Manager software without hassle. The room pricing update issue does not occur anymore as the Channel Manager software updates the rate change within a few seconds on all connected OTAs. Also, it is possible to set a pricing rule on each OTA channel if the hotelier wants to have different pricing for each OTA.

How to choose the correct Channel Manager?

Choosing the best Channel manager software to handle your room inventory and pricing can be difficult task as there are many softwares in the market. Try to go for a cheap one. Choose one software that would serve you the purpose better and can handle the process smoothly with all the OTAs.

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