Why hire a Digital Marketing Agency for the Hospitality Industry?

In this competitive market, every hotel and resort owner needs to keep updated to the latest trends of digital marketing trends in 2020 to attract new guests and improve the visibility of the hotel property and get maximum exposure through online channels. Changing user behaviour requires new and effective marketing strategies to increase traction and improve sales.

It’s also extremely important to understand the market and change is necessary to keep up with the competition in the hospitality industry.

Consider a scenario where a traveller wishes to visit a place of interest

The first thing that would come in travellers mind is to ask Google about the best hotels and resorts in that location. On the other hand, as a hotelier consider a similar situation, where for the best hotel search query your hotel is not showing up on the top Google search result pages. In such a circumstance how will you expect that traveller to book a stay in your hotel or resort? That’s the reason where every hotel business owner needs to invest in different methods to market and promote the hotel digitally on online channels. No doubt that the ROI from digital marketing for hotels is much more impactful than traditional marketing, both the forms of marketing goes hand in hand with more preference given to digital marketing.

Get an expert & cost-effective solution for your hotel


Leigia is a pathfinder company that works with brands of luxurious accommodation of all shapes and sizes. Years of experience in the hospitality industry, we have successfully handled many projects that have made our work even more special for each of our hotel clients.

A pioneer hotel marketing company in Goa with a team of enthusiastic and professional digital marketers who are always ready to face the challenges and give the best possible services to our hotel clients. We aim to make a difference in the world of the hospitality industry. Our vision is to connect with our clients with simplicity & transparency and provide the best digital marketing services for hotels and resorts. While you may be able to find some local digital marketing agencies in Goa that have vast experience in various marketing services for hotels, we recommend finding a hotel marketing agency whose practice lies in the hospitality industry. At Leigia, we have an in-depth understanding of how your travellers find you, how the hotel industry operates, and what marketing strategies work in the hospitality industry.

How a Digital Marketing Agency can Help:

With more travellers relying on online hotel booking before they visit a place, there is a growing demand for digital marketer agency in this platform. There are various ways in which a digital marketing agency can help your hotel business. Some of the digital marketing services include:


Website is the basic service to start digital marketing for the hotel. The entire visibility and promotion of hotel booking are based online and that’s why it is important to have a mobile responsive website at a first place.


Hotel Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing hotel website to improve ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and help in getting direct bookings on the hotel website. In short, SEO for hotels can drive the right local traffic to your locations, making it easy for customers to find you.


Search engine marketing or Pay-Per-Click campaigns gives an immediate boost to your hotel marketing campaign, handling it right with proper PPC domain expertise will help in increasing ROI by driving both qualified traffic and leads.


In reputation management, we attempt to shape public perception by influencing online information about the entity.


We do retarget of the traffic on your website by doing remarketing of your hotel website by strategically placing your hotel ads in front of the relevant customers.


Social media marketing includes marketing of your hotel on every possible social media portal like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc. We’ll help manage your social media campaigns by building a creative social media post ideas and social media campaigns for hotels.


The best digital marketing agency will give you a much higher return on investment (ROI) than other forms of marketing that happens offline.


Online marketing is an integral part of hotel marketing strategy to get direct website bookings through internet. We are a hotel digital marketing agency in Goa catering hotels, resorts, B&B, restaurants, focussing on hotel advertising and strategies to get maximum ROI to hoteliers. With so many competitors around in the hotel industry, you should have experts running your marketing campaigns so that as a hotelier you can purely focus on boosting your hotel revenue at the same time making sure that the guests have a great experience at your hotel property.