Use of Social Media for brand awareness

Millions of users are using social media on a daily basis. And it has become a modern trend to connect with people across the globe. Whether you are running a retail shop, service-based company or running an online business, social media is a great platform to market your business and grow your brand. Establishing a presence on a social media platform helps your brand to communicate with the potential users, build an instant relationship, share your brand content and many more. Building brand awareness through social channels can be a complex and challenging task, but the result is worth putting efforts. If you are offering something unique and delivers a message that resonates, then along with the new followers you are also generating customer loyalty.

You must be feeling confused and not sure about from where to start. To begin with, let’s start with the introduction to Brand awareness.

What is Brand awareness?
Brand awareness is one of the ways of showcasing your products and the services to audience such that they will recognise and remember it when they see your product anywhere. It is found that brands with a higher level of awareness among the audience and more likely to generate better sales as likely consumers see their service as the best solution. When consumers quickly recognize your brand and its potential benefits, then you can conclude that you have succeeded in creating a positive image of your product/service and can expect a better conversion rate.

Using a social media platform for creating brand awareness is a way simpler than the traditional way of marketing. Here are some of the benefits of using social media marketing for brand awareness.

1) With Social Media Marketing you can easily target your audience based on the interest, geographical location, age groups, etc.

2) Marketing through social channels offers direct means of communication with the brand. Customers can interact directly with the representatives of the company to solve the queries and doubts.

3) Brand awareness through Social networking websites offers complete insights of the product with detailed information, graphics, along with reviews by the other customers.

4)Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing offers you effective customer engagement tools which is a cost-effective way of selling your product/services thereby increasing the overall conversion rate.

5)Social media helps you to establish a strong relationship with your potential customers.

When done right, social media marketing has a greater potential to make people aware of your brand, get more traffic to the website, get insight into the consumer’s behavior and strengthen your brand. To make this possible here are some tips listed for using social media to build your brand awareness.

1) Choose social media channel wisely
Choose the right social media platform for your brand. This is the primary step before starting with the complex marketing plan and strategies. Spend time researching about the suitable social channel for your brand.
Facebook:- Facebook is one of the largest social platform helping many brands to grow their audience, share informative content and build consumers loyalty.
Twitter:- Twitter is another option to grow your business and communicate with your customers, influencers and other similar brands. This is a platform which promotes interaction and generates discussion. It allows user to “retweet” your posts, thus reaching out to more audience.
Instagram:- Instagram is a greater platform to showcase your photos and videos and helpful for the companies with strong graphical representation and narrates image-based stories.
Pinterest:- Pinterest is a visual library and helps in awareness through images. Links are used to drive a quality audience to your informative content.  

You can always use more than one medium to market your business and reach out to the maximum audience.

2) Create informative and high-quality content
Whether you use one social channel or four, make sure that you prioritize the high-quality content instead of quantity. Content is a king and offering informative content to the users adds value to your website and helps in more engagement. Publishing content that offers minimal value to the audience creates a negative view of your brand which results in lesser engagement. Instead, you can post highlight quality content that adds value by conveying your business story, answer audience question and entertain your followers.

3) Tell your audience about your brand
Though rich content helps you in attracting users to your sites, make use of graphical representation to showcase your brand. Social channels like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook offers you an opportunity to build your brand using creative graphics including videos, visuals and interactive content.

4) Help the audience to find your brand easily
Social media platforms act as a greater medium to communicate and connects your brand with potential customers. There’s a possibility of new fans learning about your brand and customers joining your online social community which makes your brand more popular and easy to find. On platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter use of hashtags can help you to increase your visibility. Facebook especially allows you to share your high-quality content and to expand your reach.

5) Develop a Plan and a Budget
Social Media is considered as the free mode of advertising for the online businesses. It’s easy and free to create an account and start posting, but for expanding the reach quickly one much choose investing in a target based advertising. Boosting visuals and investing in content marketing is the best option to market your brand to wider audience is a short span of time.

6) Build influencers network
Brand influencers are the people who like your brand, service and ready to share your content with the followers. While you invest time in connecting with potential customers, don’t underrate the impact that reaching out to influencers can have. Influencers build content and they share with their followers, which increase your brand visibility, credibility, and prospective followers. They help in making your brand popular and increase conversion rate.

7) Measure Your Progress
Measuring your progress through social media marketing is essential. It provides you with real-time feedbacks and reviews. It makes you aware of what is working with your strategy and what is not.Make sure that to you record the amount of traffic headed your way, check out the volume of searches and track the conversion from the social media.Brand awareness is the 1st step to your business success and you need to make sure that your efforts are leading in the right direction.

Brand awareness and social media are connected with each other. Those brand that does not spend enough time focusing on social media marketing is compromising with their sales, influence and business success.

Though Social media marketing concepts seem easy, it requires enough planning and strategy building. And to make this possible it is always recommended to hire a professional team who will look after your brand awareness through social media marketing.
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