SSL Certificate : Buy it before it hurts your Website Rank on Google

Google Chrome, the most widely used internet browser by the people, will label all those websites with an HTTP as “ Not secure “


Yes, you heard it right. The google chrome version 68 which is to be released in coming months will be issuing a negative remark to the unsecured sites and which in turn will affect the website rank on google. It has already placed a symbol since January this year to some of the HTTP sites that indicates that the site is prone to hackers.

Looks Familiar??
To those Newbies who are new to this concept ( whose searches reads like “ What is an SSL certificate” Or “ What do you mean by SSL “ )

Here’s the deal

Ever Noticed an extra S at the end of Http when you open a banking website or an e-commerce website. Looks something like this

What does this “ extra S “ mean
This means that that particular site is SSL certified, which means it is a secure site and free from hackers.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is the security technology that establishes a link which is encrypted and links between a web browser and a web server. So all the communication that takes place between the server and browser is private and nobody can intrude in between.

Let’s take a closer look at this
When you fill a form on a website which asks you for information like bank details etc. and you press submit. If the site where you entered this confidential information is not secured, it can be intercepted by a hacker and gets an access to your details.

How do they do it?
Mostly the hacker does it is by placing an undetected code on the server hosting the website.
It activates once the user starts entering the details and then captures it. The captured information is then sent back to the hacker.

Scary isn’t it!
But when you enter your details on a secured website nothing of this sort happens. The encrypted link protects your information and is safely sent to the web server.

Now coming to the main question

How SSL impacts SEO of a website?
According to the results came after the tests run by Google webmaster analysts, they have stated that htttps will be considered as a ranking signal. Two websites if they are equal is search results and if one of then is SSL certified, then it will get slightly rank boost than the other.
Once Google starts implementing the labeling of the websites as Secure and unsecured ( snapshot below ), it will drastically affect the authenticity of the website leading to more bounce rates on the unsecured website.

How to get SSL certificate for your website?
There are different SSL certificates available that depends on the requirement of the industry. Contact the authorized SSL certificate provider that knows about the Web technologies and the technicalities of setting up the certificate. Here We come into the picture.

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