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What is a Domain name? A Domain name is your website name. It can be also said as your online business name. As Computer uses series of numbers to store the address it becomes difficult for a layman to remember such a huge series. To lessen the burden, the domain name was developed. A Domain name is an address in the text form that is used by the internet users to search and ultimately land on to your business website.

Let’s take an Example is a domain name. Here ” leigia ” is the company name. “.com” is called as domain name extension. There are various domain name extensions available that one can choose from.
Some of the most commonly used domain name extensions are .com , .in, .edu,, .net, .info, .org.
Having a unique and creative domain name is very important as far as ranking is concerned. One must approach a professional company who can guide properly while choosing the best domain name for the business.

Choosing the best domain name for a business website

Choosing the right domain name for your business is also equally important.  Selecting a domain name that is best suited for your business and represents your business is necessary to help the audience connect with your business and website. Following are some of the key points to remember while buying a domain name

  • Easy to remember
    Choose a name that is easy to remember and make some sense.
  • Avoid hyphens
    Avoid use of hyphens while selecting the domain name as it is an outdated way.
  • Easy to spell
    Stop your potential customers from misspelling your domain name and reach someone else’s website. Get a domain name which is easy to spell.
  • Perfect extension
    Consult a professional and get the perfect extension for your website.
  • Keep it short
    Avoid having longer domain names as it is difficult to remember and recollect. Stick to the shorter and meaningful domain name.
  • Be unique.
    Select a domain name which is unique from your competitors and is related to your business objectives.



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