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Search advertising is one of the fastest ways to accelerate your online sales. As a Google certified ad agency,we follow a data driven approach to everything we do. We utilise industry leading search advertising tools & create new opportunities for you to attract customers.
The team at Leigia plan, initiate, track & optimise your entire Google ads campaigns on PPC platforms like Google Adwords to maximise your ROI and boost your business growth.

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What is Search Advertising?

Search advertising(also known as sponsored ads, search marketing, search engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and cost-per-click marketing) is a strategy of placing online search ads targeted to match specific search terms which are also known as the keywords entered as search engine queries by a potential buyer. 

Consumers often use a search engine to search for the relevant products and services before making any purchasing decision. Showcasing the companies products/services and its features is a necessary exposure for any business growth. The search engine offers this opportunity to the advertisers to present their offerings to the consumers in the form of featured advertisements on the search engine pages like Google SERPs.

Benefits of Google Ads (AdWords) for your business

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Our Approach Towards Online Search Advertising

Creative Search advertising strategy to boost your business growth

Campaign strategy, creation, and ongoing management

We work closely with our clients to create a comprehensive search advertising strategy which will help in increasing the overall business growth. We consider your objective, budget, target audience and resource before creating an ad. 

Keyword research

Our experienced SEO professional study existing clientele and target audience of the customers to better understand their requirement. We also spend time in understanding and studying the competitor landscape thoroughly. After complete study and research, we choose the best keywords that will be relevant to the business. 

Ad creation and ongoing testing

We consolidate best practices of ad creation, designed to boost conversion and engagement. We develop attractive ad relevant ads to capture the attention of the audience and build their interest. Not only ad creation but we also conduct A/B testing to run effective ads and check them across various platforms and devices so you don’t lose out on opportunities.

Bid optimization and management

We work within the budget specified by the clients and optimize bidding strategy accordingly to generate more clicks and leads. We keep a constant watch on the ad and optimize in a way to maximize efficiency and lower your cost-per-acquisition.

Landing page design and optimization

Engaging landing page keeps the audience engaged on your website and increase the chances of conversion. A successful landing page has to be relevant, informative, and has a strong call-to-action and must be aligned to your ad. Our expert website designing team can assist you in developing powerful landing pages to drive conversions and sales.

Frequent analysis and reporting

We constantly and accurately track the conversions and leads with the help of the Tag Manager and UTM tags. We monitor the search advertisement campaigns with extensive reporting, detailed analytics, and our further plan and reviews regarding the same.