The Panoramic Getaway

A luxury getaway in Munnar, provides visitors all the amenities expected from a contemporary hotel at a destination considered to be one of the most spectacular in India. It is the only hotel in Munnar with an international appeal and gives you a true five star like experience.

Client Needs

Client wanted to drive online visitors to their brand website by primarily focusing on increasing their rankings in Google’s search engine for potential keywords.

What We Did

We planned and re-designed a mobile responsive website with CMS capabilities. The re-designed website had all necessary features to drive conversion. With proper keyword planning we managed to rank the website for major keywords. Social media campaigns were streamlined to divert visitors on to the website which led to a lot of booking engine conversions.

  • Redesigned website for facilitating conversions
  • On-Page SEO
  • Keyword research and optimization of content
  • Noticeable impact by focusing on Social Media Marketing i.e emphasizing on marketing visual content that worked.