Paytm Mini App Development

Boost your ecommerce business brand and revenue with fully features PayTm mini app by leading app development company

Paytm recently launched its own ‘Mini Apps Store’ which would help ecommerce businesses to list their products and push their sales. Leigia, a leading Paytm mini app development company with a gamut of successful apps to its credit. Our team includes industry recognised developers capable to deliver most sophisticated UI and rewarding UX for the iOS & android platform.
With every project we strive to help clients to avail the high-revenue earning opportunity of the android, iOS and Now Paytm Mini app platform.

Expand your business reach to 150 Million monthly active users on Paytm App

Build your own PayTm mini App for your ecommerce business and boost your sales & revenue on India's largest payment platform

What is PayTm?

Paytm is India’s largest mobile payments & commerce platform that stands for Pay through mobile and was launched on 2009. It offers offers full-stack payments & financial solutions to consumers, offline merchants and online platforms.

What is Paytm Mini App Store

PayTm mini app store was launched to help businesses showcase their products and services to India’s online audience. It is a platform where one can integrate mini app using open source technologies like HTML and Java script.

Features of PayTm mini apps store for your ecommerce business

Take business brand and revenue to the next level by reaching out to millions of PayTm users

Feature-rich Ecosystem for Brands

Brands can run attractive promotional offers to provide the benefits among their users through Paytm’s Promo Engine.

Boosts your sales & revenue

PayTm mini app store allows business to link their ecommerce mini app with PayTm mini app store platform and drive sales & revenue

Get business growth insights

Track payments, download reports, view bank settlements, etc from the platform and manage your business easy peasy!

Easy pay-outs for your partners

Pay your employees, vendors, distributors & channel partners through the integrations on the Paytm mini App store

Multiple options to accept payments

Gives flexibility for your customer and for you to accept payments in your stores, at events, or customers’ doorsteps for COD orders.

Manage business efficiently

Easily manage your business through your smart phone with Paytm payments bank, Paytm business loans, Paytm insurance integrations

PayTm Mini App development Process

Accept payments, send payouts, and manage business better with your very own PayTm mini app

How we develop PayTm Mini App for your ecommerce business

  • We begin with Paytm Mini App development strategy by brainstorming the app idea and defining the target audience.
  • Set up a bridge of authentication between the developed mini app for your business and PayTm mini app store.
  • Test your mini apps inside Paytm and check for stability of the mini app so that it works without hassle and affecting your business
  • Login and payment Integration on your mini app accept payments, send payouts to your employess, and manage business better for revenue & sales.
  • Additional JSAPI Integrations that would cater to run your ecommerce business efficiently on PayTm mini app store
  • Checking all the integrations and codes before going live.

Benefits of PayTm Mini App for your Business

We follow Paytm app development process with a customer-centric approach to leverage your business needs

More Reach

Users can directly arrive on the platform by simply search their favourite brand name on Paytm

Brand Promotions

Promote your brand as user can share your Mini app directly with friends & family via shareable mini-app Paytm

Targets Right Users

Intelligent user profile engine through partnered businesses helps you to target the right set of users to drive more sales

Automatic Payment

Benefit from automatic collection of recurring payments from users based on the user’s subscription plan

Run Promotional Offers

Run attractive cashback offers for your users through our Promo engine and build brand loyalty

Engage your Audience

Keep your users informed & engaged with send push notifications about new products and services