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Online reputation is equally important for any business to grow in a market. People tend to connect with the business after evaluating the reviews and the comments about the company or brand. More positive reviews better will be the company’s image. The majority part of the web that possibly would define your reputation includes Google search and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. At leigia, we know how to control and neglify the brand-damaging content that online users post and maintain the positive side of the clients that we offer our ORM service to.

How our ORM service can benefit you

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What is an ORM
Online Reputation Management or ORM is the process of managing the opinions about individuals especially public figure, corporates, brands or hotels on OTA’s, web-based networking sites and social media, and Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Why you need an ORM
ORM services should not be neglected if you want to grow in your niche market. Online reviews have become influential is driving consumer towards and away from your business and also impacted the search engine results for that particular business.

Don’t let your potential consumer land up on your competitor’s website because of a bad review, instead, approach us for your brand reputation management, monitoring & protection and promote your brand’s positive image.

Our Online Reputation Management service

Enhance interaction with your customer and monitor your Reputation

Why choose Leigia for ORM Solution

We create an impactful online connection with your customers

Dedicated Team of Experts
We have got a dedicated team of experts working on maintaining and monitoring your online presence.

Custom-made Solutions
Get customized ORM services depending on what you need and requirements. Whether it is improving online reviews

Business-driven Results
We strategize plans that give you business-oriented reputation results and improve the overall positive outlook.

Affordable Prices
We cater to our customer with quality reputation management services with reasonable pricing.