Affiliate Marketing

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An affiliate program with proper strategy develops brand awareness, generates direct leads acquisition and aids customer retention. Our affiliate management service encompasses a multitude of affiliate marketing activities that drive Clicks, Conversions and Customers.
Leigia, leading affiliate marketing company in India, manages your complete affiliate campaigns and serve as an affiliate network linking advertisers and consumers – generating ROI, potential customers and targeting the correct audience.
Affiliate marketing plays a significant role in digital marketing strategies of capturing online viewers attention through mediums like SEO, Paid search engine marketing, content marketing, display advertising and email marketing.

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What is Affiliate Internet Marketing?

Based on a Pay-for-Performance model, Affiliate Internet Marketing is a very cost-effective way of marketing. There are three main components involved in affiliate marketing, advertiser, publisher and consumer.
Also called as advertising affiliate internet program, it is a cost effective means of combining established marketing techniques with technology for business success.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate internet marketing is generally defined as a referral program where the advertiser gives commissions to those, publishers, who successfully refer a potential client or leads to the advertiser’s website.
With affiliate marketing program you will be able to focus your attention on other aspects of your business.

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Types of Affiliate program payment models

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