Make Users Fall in Love With Your Website

Your business website is the most important and effective sales pitch in today’s times.
But have you wondered,
How long do users stay on your website before moving on to your competitor’s website? How long do they stay on a particular webpage

The users’ attention span is so less (according to studies, less than 9 seconds), that its very challenging to grab their attention. A bad website increases the bounce rate which affects the business profile on the internet. Also missing on potential clients that would have bought your services or products.
Today we will put out some ways to make online visitors fall in love with your website

Simple and eye-catching web design

Understand that the website is viewed by your audience who will then decide to buy from you. Keep your designs are sleek, clean, and simple, yet catching the attention of everyone’s eyes. When web design is clean and simple it can give the user a sense of time and space and if the design is aesthetically pleasing the user is naturally going to be more inclined to stay on the website.

Make your brand shine through website

Avoid keeping your website structure boring and dull. Make it interactive, choose theme and colors that reflect your business identity & gives out the message directly to your audience.

Understand your audience

Your target audience is the one that is going to be browsing your business website. So make sure you tell them how your business can help make their lives easier with your product or service.

User engaging content

People are looking for services and products every single day. Your every page should offer highly focused and exclusive content to the visitor for the services they are looking for. The information on the page should contain the right content that matches the right reason for the use landing on the your page. If they don’t find what they are looking for, they will simply bounce back.

Well-written headlines

Headings and subheadings are essential for every website. Using proper and relevant heading informs the user what the content is about.Ideally, each piece of content on the page should be able to be readable and understandable.

Use photos & videos

Hi-res photos and quality videos make the overall page aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Images & videos break up the content while helping the user to understand your product and services easily.

Responsive and mobile-friendly

Avoid the hassle for your user to scroll right and left to go through your website. Today more than 70% of check websites on the mobile phone. Keeping them in mind, develop your website that is easily viewable on mobile devices.

Fast loading webpages

The rise of mobile devices has led people to access content on many different platforms. As the user has less than 9 seconds of attention span, waiting for a page to load for too long is one frustrating experiences that can lead your website to lose interest in your audience eyes.

Attractive calls to action (CTA)

Calls to actions (CTAs) that are marked with an action word enable your website users to more easily navigate your site and get exactly what they want in the location they expect to find it.

Ensure ease of navigation

Keep navigation minimal as much as possible. Avoid getting all the services under the navigation tree. Instead, direct traffic on other webpages by giving the links in the content itself.

Provide value for your users

Your users are looking for answers that will help them with their questions. Provide content in the form of blog, video which not only sells your products & services but also educates users and keep them on the website & explore more.