Increase traffic on your business website in 2020

Every business owner wants to see an increase in traffic on his business website. If you want more and more people to step into your local establishment then you need to promote your business website and create brand awareness.
As more and more people or web audiences land on your website, the popularity of your online presence will grow automatically and you will boost enquiries and sales.
Driving traffic to your website might take, but following the right strategy can get you there fast.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation has become the top priority of everyone who has a business website but is not getting any profit through it. Seo leads to higher search engine rankings which results in more web traffic, more leads, and thus higher sales & conversions.

Why is SEO important?

Here are some statistics to consider when it come to why SEO is a hot topic to drive web traffic

  • 94% of buyers use search engines to make a purchase decisions
  • More than 70% of product or service purchase decisions starts by typing in search engine
  • Around 75 % of users click on organic results
  • SEO leads have more than 8.5 times more close rates print ads and other traditional marketing

Adhering to the above facts and knowing that practicing a good SEO strategy can increase traffic to your site and benefit your business with profits, let us see how to How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with SEO

Keyword strategy
Keywords is the modern way to know what your target audience is looking for whether it is buying a product or researching a topic. With a strong keyword strategy one can tap into the customers who are at both on the top as well as at the bottom of the sale funnel and convert them to buyers. But to find out the keywords that

Keyword research tools
To know what keywords you should use to target our niche audience, you need to perform keyword research before you start any SEO tactics.
One can use keyword research tools available online where one can tap in the niche keyword, both broad term and long tail keywords that your audience use to search for products & services.

Here are the best ways to increase traffic to the website:

  1. Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy
    With proper planning, outlining & implementing steps according to the search engine guidelines, one can improve search engine rankings for their website in the course of time.Implementing SEO strategies largely revolves around search engine algorithms.
    If the website follows the proper guidelines then Google gives the website higher SEO ranking that leads to more organic flow of web traffic and boosting in sales.
  2. Create engaging content
    Create engaging content that people would want to share. Writing original content that satisfies the search intent of the user and helps a website get more traffic. If a user is searching for “best website designing company in Goa ” on Google, the website of a website designing company should contain content that answers the users question without spamming. Incorporating attractive images and videos in the content leads to better engagement and boosts the SEO ranking. Thus getting more web traffic.
  3. Focus on Mobile Usability
    A mobile-friendly site is important, not just for best user experience but also a mobile-responsive website improves the search engine rankings. If Google searchers have to resize their screen or scroll horizontally and vertically to view your content, then the users are probably going to leave the site before they make any purchasing decision. One can test the mobile usability of their website with Google search console and optimise it accordingly to get more traffic.
  4. Make sure your Website Speed is fast
    Google Page Speed is the amount of time it takes for a website to load on the mobile device screen. If your website speed is low, users tend to abandon or bounce from the website and click on other sites and Google tracks this activity. As Google wants to give the best experience to its user, a site with bad loading speed is not what Google suggests and hence drops its ranking. So to improve your web page ranking on Google and drive traffic, you need to speed up the loading time of the website.
  5. Leverage all social media channels
    When you wonder how to increase website traffic through Social Media, there are various social media channels to help you out. In 2018, the social media user was 2.6 billion and the number is going to touch 3 billion by 2021.
    Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter bring in ample opportunities to gain business visitors and convert into leads. Identifying the right social media channel to promote your business is also important. So the first step is optimising your social media profiles.
    Entering your business details like website link in the about section is crucial if you want to drive traffic.Engaging with your target audience consistently with content in the form of text, short videos, live videos and so on is beneficial to attract crowds and grow traffic on websites. Posting regularly on your social media channel can also help you develop an excellent social media marketing strategy for driving audiences to your website and boost sales. The visual content as facts says, can get you more likes and shares than the ordinary content. It can also increase your number of social media followers and hence gives you the opportunity to drive more traffic.
  6. Get quick traffic through Pay Per Click (PPC Ads)
    How to increase website traffic with paid advertising. Paid advertising is all about buying traffic and promoting sales with online ads. By displaying your business ads in search engines or any other platform, one gets the benefit to expose a brand’s name to a larger audience in the competitive market.
    The most common type of Paid ads are Pay Per Click Ads or Cost Per Click Ads. Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are popular types of PPC ads. Google Adwords are all about targeting the right keywords that users search for your products or service. Whereas Facebook Ads you can target the interest and demographic of your buyer persona and get traffic to your website. Both types of Ads helps in driving good number of traffic on the business page.
  7. Focus on Google Retargeting
    Google retargeting helps you to retarget website visitors with Google Ads so they can complete their conversions. With Google display retargeting ads one can reach a maximum of users & increase brand awareness, boost sales, and drive traffic on the business website.Today’s online users have short attention spans when they are visiting any website. They tend to abandon the sales funnel for any reason may be another attractive Ad or to search for some other important news. Google retargeting helps to get the bounced traffic and boost re-engagement and drive traffic on the website.
  8. Start blogging
    Writing blogs on your website related to the topics around your product and services is an effective way to increase the traffic on the website.Blog writing helps businesses to create a library of content with information that users will like to read. This can be the latest update or some tips that a website visitor can follow and benefit from. Finding useful content on the website can lead the reader to share the blog on other platforms like social media which will generate more traffic without having to spend a dime.
  9. Produce video content on YouTube
    Video content on YouTube helps businesses & brands to grab the attention of consumers and become a thought-leader in their niche market. A fact says that the total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month is 3.25 billion.
    With such a huge number one can easily turn these views into website visits by producing a YouTube video. A viral video marketing strategy, a YouTube channel is a great source of free website traffic for business & brand. After producing a YouTube video one can share & submit videos to popular social media and bookmarking sites like Twitter, instagram, Facebook etc. and drive traffic on YouTube channel. By placing Website links and other information on the YouTube channel this can also help to drive maximum traffic on the business website.
  10. Keep Your Content Up-To-Date
    Content is important when it comes to getting traffic on a website. An outdated content on the website is not what google likes. Having an outdated content can drop your search engine rankings which can reduce the traffic juice to the website. Whether it is a web page that talks about your product/service or a blog that you have written previous year, it is required that you update the content as Google which ones ranked your page would drop it because Google wants its users to get fresh and updated information. So you need to keep your content up-to-date to maintain your rankings and get more traffic on your website.
  11. Community engagement
    Online communities are like social spaces on the internet where your niche audience hangs out on. Such online communities include discussion forums like Reddit, question and answer forums like Quora where online audiences discuss important topics and take suggestions from fellow contributors. By answering relevant questions one can get backlinks to one’s own website and get relevant traffic on the website.
  12. Use Email Marketing
    Email Marketing is considered as one of the most important and cost-effective ways of marketing your website. Email marketing is nothing but the way of sending commercial messages regarding offers, promotions, new arrivals, etc. to a group of people.
    According to research and study, sources have claimed that email marketing has a higher ROI which is approximately 40x.If email marketing is not a part of your Digital Marketing Campaign, then you are missing on various opportunities and in turn customers. Email marketing is one of the few marketing techniques which you can initiate to get a good number of web traffic on the website.
  13. Use SEO tools
    Search engine algorithms keep changing with time and it becomes slightly difficult to implement SEO strategies that worked successfully. But with the right SEO tools, one can drive targeted traffic to the website from search engines without having to bother about changing algorithms.
    Choosing an SEO tool can help you to grow more traffic along with analysing your website for any technical faults that might hamper your rankings on SERPs.One such tool that you can leverage on is Google Analytics.
    Google Analytics is a free SEO tool provided which gives you insights on organic traffic, live traffic, traffic channel sources, bounce rate percentage, average time spent on site, demographic of users, and more.With all this information you can strategize and get more out of your SEO efforts like getting more traffic to your site & increase conversions.
  14. Engage In Influencer Marketing
    Influencer marketing is a highly effective marketing tool for businesses to grow their brands and website visibility.
    Influencer marketing is a type of Digital Marketing technique involving endorsements from the influencers, audience, and visitors who know your startup and product/service very well. Influencer marketing is less expensive and easy to implement than other promotional strategies. Word-of-mouth aspect of influencer marketing builds trust for your brand. Publicity of your business through authentic influencers will help customers to engage in your brand.
  15. Focus on Link Building
    Link building is one of the popular strategies for getting web traffic on the website. One places links to their own website on other websites that have high page authority (PA) and Domain authority (DA). With strong links from such websites will help to enhance the online visibility and get higher ranking on Google. By following quality link building strategy will helps boost your website traffic and sales.
  16. Promote Your Website Offline
    Not only through online, but offline marketing also helps in getting good volume of traffic on the website. The best way is to put your website address on everything! Product brochures, business cards, product packaging, newspaper & magazine ads. By posting your website address on the elements of outdoor advertising will help you pull traffic and boost ranking on search engines.

Getting more website visitors does not happen overnight. One needs to invest time & efforts to get the proper flow of web traffic on the website.
Hiring a Digital marketing agency helps you to get not just traffic but relevant and quality traffic that will eventually convert to lead and give business.
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