How to make your business thrive during the economy lockdown with Digital Marketing

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has taken a big toll on lives and businesses all over the globe and with every passing day, the situation is becoming worse.

This article is intended to provide business owners with a perspective on the evolving situation and implications for their businesses. The business owners are looking to cut off their marketing activities and other operations as a result of this situation. Digital Marketing should never be the first step that you should cut down in this pandemic outbreak as once the situation will come under control one can never expect sudden rapid growth digitally in a day’s time. Every business sector is going through downfall now but that doesn’t mean we eliminated our marketing expenses. After all, smart and efficient marketing is the lifeblood of any business success.

Of course, it’s not a wise decision an entrepreneur must take. It may look so, but it will have a bad effect on your business plan on the long term goals. Thus maintaining the business visibility in your market is essential if you consider long term profitability and investment. No doubt you can put traditional marketing campaigns on hold. Effective marketing requires time and repetition. That’s the reason why cutting your marketing expense might be the worst thing one can do during this coronavirus outbreak especially if all the business groundwork you have laid is about to pay off.

Brand awareness is very important. If you don’t have a website for your business that sells ‘ essential products’ during Covid-19 lockdown, get connected to best of the website designing companies ( telephonically or video conferencing) and get yourself a professional website done. In this way, customers might be able to find you online and get connected to you. Plus Digital marketing for your business can be of great help during such a serious crisis.

COVID-19 is a big concern for business. Here are the 5 ways digital marketing companies can help your business thrive during tough times.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you haven’t paid much attention to your website presence on the search engines, now is the right time to check & analyse your online presence. No doubt the search volume for the keyphrases on Google would have dropped drastically, especially for industries like hotels and resorts. Still there is a chance to bank on these keyphrases considering the future aspects. SEO requires continued work and with the guidance of a professional digital marketing agency, you can be sure that your business will stay ahead of your competitors even during Coronavirus outbreak.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the perfect place to stay connected with your brand followers and fans during this lockdown. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, is where your existing customer is online 24×7 especially in the situation like lockdown during the crisis.
Keep your audience engaged with content that will help them cope up with panic and reduce the stress. Communicate with them and share essential tips. Offering additional services during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a big plus for you on retaining customer post-crisis.

Email Marketing

Using email marketing can also add an extra hand in maintaining your business position in these rough times. Sending an email to your subscribers showing your concern on the recent pandemic situation can instil a factor of trust and faith in your brand that you care for your clients. Also depending on the type of business, one can offer some free giveaways that will provide some kind of relief from the current economic crisis.

Paid Advertising

Though the number of searches has dropped, businesses are still bidding on paid ads. If you belong to the e-commerce sector, then it’s a good strategy to keep advertising as people would prefer buying online then moving out of their houses. Also promoting your relevant content through Ads is a good idea. This will get more traffic on your website and boost your online ranking on SERPs. Hotel industries can focus more on future bookings with Paid ads like Google Ads or Facebook / Instagram Ads that promote packages or discounts after the lockdown period.

The contrarian approach would be the best approach during this Coronavirus Crisis

If your industry is experiencing a downfall, that may mean the right approach is to increase your digital marketing spending.

But what if your competitors are doing fine?

All you need to do is hire a Digital Marketing Company who can get your marketing plan right during coronavirus. Take a hard look at your products and services. With the help of online marketing company streamline your business operation as efficiently as possible. Help people understand the benefits of business you provide and the difference your business can make in their lives.

As we mentioned earlier, tough times are on for businesses especially small businesses but we can be optimistic. Take wise decisions when it comes to your business marketing. Think about long term goals while finding short term solutions.

Hopefully, the coronavirus crisis ends soon with minimal loss of lives and things get better post-crisis. For time being, let’s stay home, practise social distancing and stay safe.