How to build a unique Brand Identity in 2020

If you are given two options to select, a coca-cola pet bottle or a local soda drink, what would you choose?
Definitely, the answer is Coca-cola.Why? because you are familiar with the brand and its reputation over the years. That is the power of Brand identity.
Having a unique product is all fine, but if it does not click with the customers then there’s a problem.Your brand’s visual characteristics are the most powerful way to communicate your business personality to audiences. A brand identity helps your brand to turn recognizable and attractive thus creating a mark in the competitive market.

What is Brand Identity
Like personal identity, brand identity defines the brand or business. It is a collection of all the elements from designing to development to marketing that a business creates to put the right brand image to its customers.
These brand elements revolve around the company’s mission, brand value proposition, goals, competitive position on the market, and relevance to the values and interests of the target audience.
In a competitive market where big brands have reigned for years, having an impactful brand identity is what makes you instantly recognisable to the audience. By associating your brand identity with your product or service, it will create a connection between you and your customers, thus determining how your customers will recognise your brand in the crowd.
Having a positive brand further leads to boosting brand loyalty, higher brand credibility & positive returns on investment.

Benefits of brand identity

Many businesses overlook their brand identity process and move to promote their brand. Having a strong brand identity for your business is an extremely important factor in its overall success. Though there are endless benefits of building a strong brand for your business.

Here are six of the major benefits of brand identity:

Expand business reach
Any business who wish to expand their business and want to reach a large number of people, having a brand identity helps to achieve this goal as using this helps you to reach a large number of people around the world. Also having an impactful brand identity can lead to other big and small businesses wanting to become a part of your business too and expand your brand reach. This also benefits you as it increases your sales and provides huge benefits.

Increase in sales
As the brand name awareness increases, the sales of the business also increases as customers come to know about the business and the products & services provided by the business. It reaches to more and more people leading to an increase in the number of sales. Thus boosting the revenue of the company.

Influence customers
Influence can help a brand to attract more and more customers towards itself. A successful brand name can influence customers to choose your brand over your competitors. Even it can pull the dedicated customers of your competitors towards your brand and buy your products and services.

Introduce new products
Business expansion is what every brand looks out for in future. If you have a positive brand name in the market, the success of business expansion is not that difficult. Also when a brand introduces a new product in the market, it receive the popularity automatically as the brand name is already known in the market. The brand on the other hand also has knowledge about their customers interest and can introduce the products that is bound to attract the audience. Eg. If the Lays company introduces a new flavour in the market, buyers are sure going to try it out because of the popularity the Lays have earned over the years.

Builds brand trust
A brand can build a strong connection with their customers by conveying brand values that will attract them towards your brand. This can lead to long term association of your customers with your brand and can establish customer loyalty that will boost your brand success with sales and revenue.

Get ahead of competitors
A brand that has created a good brand identity in the eyes of the customers get better preference than other brands that manufacture the same products. Even though your competitors try to capture your audience with schemes, but customers will prefer your products then going to your competitor.

How to build a unique Brand Identity in 2020

Building a brand identity is all about being different in the eyes of your customers, that is by making your brand visible, relevant, and unique.
Here are some ways you can build a unique Brand Identity in 2020.

Refine your target audience
Refining your audience is the first and most important thing a brand should consider to invest their efforts in. As branding leads to awareness, recognition, trust, and revenue, refining the audience can give a clearer picture of their needs and get more closer with their niche audience.
When you know what your audience wants you will be able to focus to create a brand identity that will work for your customers. This will result in creating a stronger brand identity that your customers won’t forget.

Research the market
Researching the market helps the brand to plan strategies that will lead to establishing the brand as popular in the competitive market. If a brand does’t know the market where they are promoting, the attempts to grow the business will be unsuccessful.

Competition analysis
Knowing about competitors brand position can help you with ideas to establish your brand better in the market. Analyse what strategies your competitive brand is using, how well they are doing and what they are not following will help you to work on the new opportunities to grow your brand and reach your audience. For eg, find what channel your competitors is using to promote their brand, website or social media, the style and tone of communication with their audience etc. With this information you can also get to refine your target audience too.

Leverage digital marketing channels
Digital marketing channels are vast and businesses can choose to extract the benefits from this trending marketing method. Digital marketing includes everything starting from having a responsive mobile website which forms the base of all your digital marketing strategy. Next is search engine optimisation where you rank your website on the top pages of Google search engine to get traffic organically and increase brand awareness. Doing some paid campaigns like SEM or social media marketing ads like Facebook ads or Instagram ads can also help you boost brand awareness based on demographic and search queries of the audience.

Build a brand story
Storytelling is as important as any other tactics here to grow your brand identity. Every brand has a story to tell. It includes how the brand was formed, what made them enter the market or any passion that made them turn into a profitable business. The story that you put out in the market about your brand should resonate with your employees and with customers, thus cultivating brand advocates who will support your brand and help you promote organically like word of mouth.

Follow the trends
2020 is likely to bring many new trends in branding. Pay careful attention to what successful businesses do to enhance their image. Stick to your beliefs and core values, but integrate any changes in technology or shifts in culture. With a little foresight and a lot of work, you’ll soon create one of those brands people turn to when they need to buy something in your industry.

Want to build a unique brand identity to stand out in the crowd?
Having a unique brand identity is important to differentiate your brand from the rest. Building a brand isn’t only important for large businesses. Independent entrepreneurs, small business, self-starters, and even influencers all depend on their brands to attract new clients and retain existing ones.
Building your brand will help you establish yourself as an authority in your industry, whether that’s hotels & resorts, local business, real-estate or any other business.

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