How business can survive a crisis in any era with Digital Marketing

A rapid outbreak of any pandemic negatively affects everyone at a personal and professional level. Things have become challenging for business owners to stay afloat in the storm of economy breakdown. But one can still survive these difficult situations.

Digital marketing!
Yes, digital marketing is one strategy that can help businesses survive during crises like Covid-19 pandemic. Digital marketing allows business & brands to shift their strategies, product lines, service offerings, and their overall business operations in order to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are still holding on to traditional way of marketing which loses its effectiveness when come to situations like quarantine.Here are some facts to consider that will make you twice about shifting your marketing strategy to digital
– 1.66 billion people shop online each year.
– 78% of Internet users conduct product research online.
– 82% of searchers will use their phone to help them make a decision about an in-store purchase.
– 69% of digital media time is spent on mobile.

The Role of Digital Marketing in a Time of Crisis
If we talk about the current coronavirus pandemic, everyone around the world is at home and following the quarantine protocols. To keep themselves busy, people have turned towards the internet and other online services. This has resulted in massive traffic surges on popular websites and social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram.

Also to stay in contact with family and loved ones, social media platforms are widely used.
In such a situation, digital marketing acts as a boon for businesses to deliver meaningful brand engagement among the internet savvy audience.

Businesses who have not invested in digital marketing should now think again and re-strategise their marketing budget and leverage digital marketing channels to promote their business.

A professional digital marketing company can help business & brands to stay connected with existing customers and prospects, and keep their sales pipeline stocked with leads.

How digital marketing can help

  1. Get mobile friendly website
    If your website does not support mobile devices or provide an enhanced mobile experience, it is the time to get one done. As during a global pandemic the movement of people is restricted to minimum or in extreme cases zero, having a business website which is mobile responsive saves a business especially small scale to reach in front of the user. Having a responsive website gives the advantage of reaching an audience irrespective of the device they are using.
  2. Switch to online Stores
    Having a physical store has its own advantages but in a situation like these where everything is paused, an online store serves its purpose. With a 24/7 shopping window, customers are benefited with taking buying decisions at any time. This makes shopping easier for customers as they can order from their home without having to move out from their establishment.
  3. Update web information
    Updates are critical to your customers’ perceptions of your company, as well as to search engine ranking. Regular updates on your website, be it content, graphic, uploading new videos will keep your visitors stay longer on the website. This will inform Google that web users are liking your content which will eventually give a boost to your website ranking on the search engines. Higher the ranking, more the traffic will land up on your website and greater chances of getting conversions.
  4. SEO and content marketing
    Instead of relying solely on paid search, businesses should also strive to increase their visibility by performing searching engine optimization, or just SEO for short. SEO is most effective when combined with content marketing, whose purpose is to attract and retain a clearly defined audience by targeting it with valuable, educational content. Unlike paid search, SEO and content marketing don’t produce immediate results, but their long-term impact can be massive. During the ongoing pandemic, many businesses have been educating their customers about its impact on their industry and helping them cope with the gloomy situation by publishing informative blog posts and sharing interesting content.
  5. Update Digital channels
    Updating social media and other digital channels is a way to keep your audience engaged with your brand. Change the look of your Facebook, Instagram profile, update information regarding the brand or any information that you would want to communicate with your audience. Regular updates on social media channels will bring a fresh perspective every time your followers engage with your brand profile.
  6. Paid marketing & advertising
    Paid advertising on search engines like Google have become the entry points to the web, and any business can appear right at the top of the first search results page just by bidding on keywords relevant to the user’s search query. Paid search marketing delivers predictable results, and it can be easily scaled up or down to fit any digital marketing budget.
  7. Educate through Webinars
    Live, virtual events are currently the only way for many businesses to engage potential customers face-to-face and provide them with informative content. For example, a tution class can start an online webinar to help students with useful tips for studying for upcoming examinations. Podcasts are another effective marketing channel that can be used to engage customers who are at home and don’t have much to do. If you have an product to promote you can advertise on any popular podcast whose audience will be engaged and will like to buy your products.
  8. Cross channel promotions
    cross-channel marketing & promotions uses multiple channels to reach customers. Cut through the huge traffic and reach to your customer with cross-channel marketing. Any crisis , whether it is today or in the future, consumers tend to be more connected with others – through emails, social media apps and so on. Cross channel promotion approach, allows brands to easily communicate with buyers across multiple touch points.
  9. Video marketing
    Video marketing is an effective tool to promote business during any crisis. With engaging promotional videos, product demo videos, one can keep the audience stuck on to and engage with the brand. Use platforms like YouTube, Instagram, which are known for generating huge video viewers, to push creative and original video content and gain potential purchasing customers as followers.
    According to s statistics, businesses who use video to promote their brand grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Also 82% Of Consumer Internet Traffic Will Be Video By 2021.
    Video content marketing is a great format to connect to an audience on emotional points that will touch their needs and get them into the sales funnel to decide to make a purchase.

If you are new to digital marketing, then putting your hands into it during situations that demand extra efforts to promote digitally will be difficult. This is where a digital marketing company comes into picture.
A digital marketing company with years of experience in this field will help your brand leverage digital media channels and help you gain customers in no time.

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So, if you are thinking how to survive any pandemic, present or in future, & to expand your business and reach out to more audience through digital marketing, then we are here to help you out in all possible ways. Connect with us and see your business grow like never before.