How a hotel marketing company can help you recover from COVID 19 pandemic

2020 has been the worst year for the world. People’s health to economy everything has been shattered by the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. The worst affected is the tourism sector that is solely dependent on the travellers, backpackers, businessmen and so on. The industries related to tourists also saw a major hit, such as aviation, rail transport, bus transport.
As we know that the hotel industry entirely depends on tourism and is suffering a major loss due to travel restrictions and lockdowns. Due to the increased level of cancellations, the occupancy rate of the hotels worldwide has declined drastically. but it does not mean you, as a hotelier, should give up on promoting and marketing your property. why? because pausing your marketing efforts will end up severely impacting your recovery post COVID19 when you want to get back to business.
Such outbreaks have occurred in the past and the world has seen the after-effects such as the recession period. The hotel industry has survived then and it will survive now too. But to do this one need to strategically promote one’s property in a way that will survive the blow of Covid19 in future.
It is not an easy task to market your property during such situations, where the people are scared to travel and some places have even locked down completely.
But yes, keeping connected with your potential guests would help your recover post-pandemic period.
Using the right hotel marketing strategies, hotel business recovery post-Covid-19 is possible and to do that you need to hire the experts.
A hotel digital marketing agency is the right partner for you to get back your hotel business on track.
As your guests are spending way more time digitally during the lockdown, it is the perfect opportunity to get your hotel business on digital platforms to keep proactive communication ongoing with potential customers and other partners.
Also, hiring a hotel digital marketing agency will help you in a lot way than just getting your hotel business connected to your guests.

So before moving to how a digital marketing agency can help you get back, here’s a brief about hotel marketing.

What is a hotel marketing
Hotel marketing is a term given to the various marketing strategies (traditional as well as digital) and techniques that hotels or any accommodation provider use to promote their property to potential guests and make a positive impression on them. Marketing a hotel professionally makes a hotel more appealing to attract as many guests as possible.

What a hotel digital marketing company provides

When you hire a hotel digital marketing company to promote your hotel or resort, you get 360-degree services in digital marketing.

Hotel responsive website design
Having a hotel responsive website designs allows you guest to browse your property without any hassle from any digital device. This also motivates guests to book your hotel as the website is made with easy navigation.

SEO for Hotel
Get your website ranked on Google, Yahoo or Bing for relevant search keyword that guests would search for hotels in your location. With a higher ranking on SERP’s, higher are the chances for potential guests to book their stay with you.

Paid Ads to promote hotels
Paid Ads are a quick way to reach to potential customers who are searching for hotels on an urgency to book. Search engines give ranking to Ads based on the bidding strategy used. Ads on the top three positions have higher chances of getting a click.

Social media marketing for hotels
Social media is where everyone hangs out virtually these days. and so does your potential customer. Creating and managing your hotel brand’s business profile page helps you to connect users on a personal level and get them to your website or hotel landing page. Posting updates about your hotel, news, activities, property pictures engages your audience and helps you in the long run to get more bookings.

Online reputation management
The reputation of a brand is important irrespective of the sector or industry. Maintaining and managing your hotel’s online reputation is utmost crucial if you want to sustain in the competitive market. And considering the current scenario of Covid19. Getting reviews from guests about the hygienic and cleanliness of the hotel is a high converting factor for your business.

Why you need to hire a hotel marketing company

“How can I promote my hotel business after Covid 19” “Can I do it on my own” “why there is need for me to hire a hotel marketing company”…
These are the questions that might have popped up in your mind when you decide to finally think about giving your hotel business the digital push it needs.
Doing it yourself, no doubt saves you money. and thinking about the economy crash in the current scenarios, you might agree to take the path of Do It Yourself. But if you are thinking of actually reaping the benefits of online marketing, then hiring a professional hotel marketing company is the best option you should go for.
Digital Marketing Specialization
Most leading marketing firms have resources specializing in every aspect of marketing. Each digital marketing agency has an expert team who specialize in Pay Per Click (PPC) management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Development and so on.

Industry Knowledge
Digital marketing agencies have experienced industry knowledge about what will work and what will not. The teams are well versed with how your business operates, and what strategies work in the hospitality industry.

Cost Saving
If you plan to hire an individual to the same work as a hotel digital marketing would do, you might end up investing more on your in-house hotel digital marketer. Instead, you are getting 360-degree digital marketing services at a much lesser price.

Keeps you updated
Hiring a digital marketing company for your hotel business will keeping your business relevant. By keeping a close track of your competitors and what is going in the market, a hotel digital marketing agency will remove old outdated strategy and implement new ways of marketing.

Scalable marketing partner

As your business grows, you will need to do campaigns and include more requirements. A hotel digital marketing agency will fit in those requirements without any hassle which you would probably face when hiring an individual or doing it yourself.

Partnering with the best hotel marketing company in Goa

Digital marketing or as some also say online marketing is an integral part of hotel marketing strategy to get direct website bookings through internet. At the times of pandemic when travelling comes to halt, you need new and creative ways that will still keep you in the game as far as getting bookings to your hotel is considered. Leigia is a hotel digital marketing agency in Goa catering to hotels, resorts, B&B, restaurants, focussing on their hotel advertising and strategies to drive maximum ROI to the hoteliers. With so many competitors around in the hotel industry, you should have digital marketing experts running your marketing campaigns so that you as a hotelier can purely focus on other hotel operations and staff management along with making sure that the guests have a great experience at your hotel property.