Central Reservation System

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Central Reservation System for Hotels and Resorts in Goa India

CRS or the central reservation system is a computerized reservation system which helps the hoteliers to maintain the hotel information, rooms rates, and availability for managing the reservation and other processes. CRS assist in providing the room details along with the rates and the availability to the 3rd parties and other OTAs. This system helps in managing the reservation through all the portal from the single point system.

The central reservation system is of greater help to the hotel staff as well as to the hotel owners. This system helps in managing the booking without any mistakes and conflicts. Though hotel carries Booking Engine(BE) and Channel Manager(CM) software, central reservation system resolves problems which can’t be handled with BE and CM.

Central reservation system software helps hotel owners and also hotel staff to not only make the reservation of the guest but also view the details across all the computers in the system. This will eliminate the confusion and the booking problem. The software will also assist in forecasting and get the overview of the total number of booking for a particular time period, see which is the busy season and which is the period when your hotel is getting less number of bookings. This system is also beneficiary to the chain of Hotels. One can handle all the hotel’s reservation from one single point unless all the systems are connected through the CRS software.

Manage your hotel operations with our Easy Central Reservation System

Leigia Solution provides a complete Hotel management solutions in Goa. Our central reservation system software offers full assistance to the Hoteliers and the hotel staff in managing the room reservation without any difficulty and conflicts. Reporting module in the system helps the hotel owners to get the overview of the hotels booking and develop a positive customer relationship.

Managing a room reservation through different channels like OTAs, hotel website, 3rd parties becomes difficult for the hotel staff. Our central reservation software (CRS) makes it possible to manage the room reservations through all the portals.

Along with the managing process, our CRS software in Goa helps in generating the number of standard reports which help the hoteliers to get the overview of the reservations and arrive at a better decision.

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