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Technology has made its entry into the hospitality industry, and hotels and resorts across the nations want to use the technology to make their day-to-day operations smooth and efficient.
Leigia is one of the leading software company providing Best Hotel management software for Hotels and Resorts. We provide a complete and easy-to-use hotel softwares that is designed to satisfy the requirements of all type of hospitality business.

Hotel management software for your hotels

hotel management software that caters to all aspects of the hospitality industry

What is Hotel Management Software?

HMS or Hotel Management Software is a type of property management system used by hotels, motels, inns, resorts, lodges, hostel, suites, serviced apartments, etc., that expedites the management of hotel operations such as front office, sales, planning, and accounting and other functions.

Types of Hotel Management Software

Hotel management software are classified into 2 types:

  • Cloud-based Hotel Management Software
    Cloud-based HMS allows you to manage your property over the internet connection. It is browser based software which has property account where you need to log in and manage your property anytime, anywhere.
  • On-premise Hotel Management Software
    On-premise is a desktop-based hotel management software. The software is installed on the local server and can be set up on PC’s in the property. It does not have the flexibility of usage and infrastructure as cloud-based HMS.

How to Choose the Right Hotel Management Software?

To select the best and the right hotel management system, a hotelier needs to identify what hotel software features he wants. Technological innovations have brought in so many advancements in the field of hospitality that hoteliers are always looking out for features that will help them maximise the performance of their property to achieve their goals.
When selecting the right Hotel software make sure to follow these:

  • Covers most of your needs
    Along with basic features such as booking engine, channel manager, check if covers other areas of managing your hotel operations such as taking orders from restaurant, spa and other facilities. A hotel software should be automate and let you manage at least 80% of your manual tasks and stream line the process.
  • Meet future needs
    Your will want to expand your hotel business in future. A hotel management software that is scalable to manage all your property with a single software will be the need of the hour, So think ahead about your hotel business and choose a hotel management software that meet the needs.
  • Allows integrations
    A hotel software should allow integrations with most popular OTA channels and other third party agents to increase the hotel revenue.The software should be able to update and synchronise all data pertaining to inventory and pricing on all these channels to avoid any booking or reservations issues.
  • User friendly, easy customised interface
    You staff should find it easy to manage when handling the new hotel software. Make sure it fits your needs and is intuitively easy to customise and use by your or your hotel staff. Try to use the trial period to check and test the hotel software to understand its functionality.
  • Transparent pricing
    Choose a hotel software that satisfies your needs in running your hotel operations. The hotel software providers should only charge you for the features you are using and not add unnecessary features.

Why you need cloud based All-in- One Hotel Management Software?

Improve the running of your hotel business with your robust & intelligent hotel management software

Comprehensive range of Hotel management software products

Intuitive, scalable end-to-end hotel management software to increase your hotel efficiency and revenue together.

Hotel Channel Manager

Hotel channel manager software lets you manage inventory, rate parity, sold outs and ranking across multiple online travel partners.

Hotel Booking Engine

With booking engine added on your hotel website, one can drive direct bookings through the hotel website and save on paying to other OTA channels.


Streamline & automate your hotel operations while increasing your staff productivity with our mobile-first hotel PMS system

Hotel POS

Our hotel point of sale software offers contactless hotel services with in-built restaurant management module where guests can orders directly from hotel room.

Vacation Rental Service

Manage your property or entire chain through our vacation rental software. Offer similar guest services to your customers like a hotel would do.

Mobile PMS

Smart hotel PMS mobile app for hoteliers and B&B’s owners to handle their hotel operations on-the-go.

Features of our Hotel Management System

Core features our hotel management software to manage your hotel operations seamlessly