Evolution of E-commerce

Time is changing and so does the technology. With the emergence of the digital age, every individual has been benefited in a number of ways. Now, with the advancement in technology, any type of information is available on the fingertips. Not only this, but the digital world had also impacted the way marketing is done. Internet and mobile devices have changed the marketing trends and have given birth to an entirely new sector- E-COMMERCE.

E-commerce has brought the whole new era of Retail. It has made shopping much easier and quicker, allowing people to shop wherever and whenever they want, either at their home through desktops and laptops or anywhere else through mobiles or tablets. Ever since the concept of e-Commerce has been introduced for the 1st time, it has undergone a lot of revisions to meet the changing whims and needs of the modern day consumer.

Online marketplace

Over the past decade, e-Commerce has benefited users from all categories. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, e-commerce solutions have something to offer to all. It has become a popular medium for the sellers to sell their products, marketers to advertise and buyers to shop.

To be in a competition many retailers and shops are moving towards having their own e-commerce website and mobile apps to increase their sales and grow their business in an online marketplace. With many shops opting for e-commerce solution (website as well as mobile application) along with their physical stores, online stores can be labeled as new storefronts of these retailers. As per the studies, it has been concluded that retailers having online storefronts are profited more than those having just the physical stores, in some cases, even more.

Traditional commerce vs E commerce

The online marketplace has more benefits over the traditional market as they have a wider variety of products to offer to the consumers. Not only this, it allows users to compare prices,  brands, and features of the product before buying it. Online shopping sites offers descent discount to the customers then the offline stores which attract many users and indulge them in buying the products from the website. There are many other benefits like users can access the products 24*7, no need to travel to the store and can shop from any place at any time.Also many online storefronts offer a return policy, and many more benefits.

Growth of e-Commerce

After the e-commerce website, the next most powerful and important innovation is the development of mobile commerce or m-Commerce. This has allowed users to browse, buy and compare the products from anywhere and at any time, through mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps.People having smartphones, tablets, and laptops experience easy buying journey as the process is easy, more convenient and enjoyable.

Growth of digital marketing

Today, almost every individual has access to mobile phones, making it easier for the advertisers and marketers to communicate with the audience irrespective of their location. Traditional ad campaigns are now replaced by digital campaigns. There are many channels for online marketing campaigns like social media, websites, blogs, and many more. With the evolution of e-commerce, the need for digital marketing has increased so as to reach out to the maximum audience and provide a better experience to them.

Initially, the marketing of the brand was done only through the websites with the help of the search engines, but with the latest innovation in this sphere advertising through the social channels has emerged with a greater impact.
Various social channels allow sellers to advertise their product with multiple benefits like wider reach, direct communication with buyers, understanding the customer’s behavior etc. Now many social channels like Facebook and Twitter have introduced “Buy Now” button to engage more customers and allow better buying experience.Looking at the rapid growth of e-commerce we can say that in the near future online marketing will dominate the marketplace. Being fastest, quickest, and the easiest mode of marketing, many small, as well as big companies from all sectors, are opting for this new marketing trends to reach out to the new audience and engage old customers.

To match your foot in this competitive market, it is necessary for every business to adapt to the new technologies. It is very important to build your brand and advertise it correctly to make people aware of your audience.

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