Email Marketing

Power up your sales with Email Marketing Solutions from leading Email marketing agency

Email marketing is the most effective direct marketing strategy to reach and engage with your target audience. Leigia helps brands like yours to acquire new customers with a well-designed email marketing strategy that drives additional revenue from potential clientele.

Our professionals work on the best email marketing platforms to design ROI targeted custom email marketing campaigns that promote your brand directly into customers inboxes and boost your brand awareness.

Why You Need Email Marketing for Business Growth?

Email marketing agency helping you gain loyal customers with personalized email campaigns

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a segment of digital marketing strategies that make use email to promote products or services to their subscribers and build strong business relationships with potential customers or clients.

According to a study conducted, more than 90% of audience use and check their emails on a daily basis to conducted business communication.
Thus, email marketing can help a business establish a stronger connection with their customers by sending product or offer emailers to suit their needs.

As email marketing allows a brand to target a particular set of customers or even specific individuals, a personalized email campaign can connect to the audience and interest them to buy. This can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty in a long run.


Benefits of email marketing for business

Generate more leads & Grow Brand Awareness with engaging email marketing campaigns

Email marketing builds Loyalty & Trust

Build strong relationships with current and potential customers via strategic email campaigns. Leigia helps you connect with targeted clients by creating engaging newsletters and emailers that develops trust in your company.

Email marketing boosts conversions

Email campaigns have a much higher click-through rate than other direct marketing strategies. Leigia helps you to convert potential customer to a paying customer with highly engaging content.

Email marketing generates huge ROI

Creative emailers give brands an opportunity to send highly targeted and customised messages to potential buyers. Leigia will craft targeted email campaigns that will highly interest them & generate heavy returns on your investments.

Email marketing drives traffic to the website

Leigia helps brands get customers to visit their business website by including relevant links within the customised email campaigns. Including social media share buttons in the campaign will also initiate social sharing among themselves.

Build credibility & authority

Establish your brand authority across your niche industry. Leigia helps you relevant content to your customers and builds credibility towards your brand while making you an expert in the market.

Email marketing increases brand awareness

Email marketing campaigns leads to developing brand awareness of your brand. Leigia, a leading email marketing agency helps your brand’s name to stay in the consumers mind while purchasing.