Does Page Speed Helps in Improving Google Search Ranking

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Recently Google has announced about the impact of the page speed on the overall Google search ranking. Page loading speed has always been a factor for organic search ranking as well as for the paid ads. As per the new update by the google, page speed is the major factor when it will come to mobile ranking. Web pages that deliver a slower experience due to slow loading speed for users will be affected by this new update. However, those web pages with the relevant content and high quality will still strive.

Mobile devices are one of the most used things when you want to search for anything on the internet while on the move. Searching for required products and services has become easier and faster with the launch of new mobile devices with the latest features. Google’s latest update makes it possible for the companies having websites with fast page loading speed to rank higher on the Google search engine thus engaging more and more customers.

To begin with, let us understand what do you mean by Page speed.
People always confuse the page speed with the site speed. Where it is actually a way different from each other. Page speed can be described as the load time or the time taken to display the entire content of the page to the user. Whereas site speed is the speed at which users see and interact with the content.

What determines the website page speed?
Let’s look into the factors affecting the page speed.

1) Your website hosting
The web hosting company and server that you choose to host your website has a great impact on the speed at which your web pages load for your visitors. The intention of saving few funds and choosing some cheap offer can damage your page speed in the long run. Choose the right web host that has enough storage capacity to handle your business website.

2) Larger image size
Images make the website attractive and draw the attention of many visitors. But images which are bigger in size and too heavy to load can lower your page speed. A larger size of the image is usually an outcome of the extra data added in the comments or due to the lack of compression.

3) External media
Videos add value to your website. But videos of larger length can have an adverse effect on your page load time. Though videos are important to attract more visitors, hosting it on your own server is advisable to gain some load time.

4) Browsers
The Web browser that you use also has an effect on the page speed. An older version of the browser may struggle to load certain things due to incompatibility. So it’s essential to check your website on all browser since they do not load your site same way.  

5) Advertisement
Too many ads not only irritate your visitors but also have an adverse effect on the page speed. Your website, if you want to run ads, should contain minimal ads space for the users to browse through the website without hassle.

6) Website themes
Colourful and graphically rich websites are always pleasing to eyes. But a highly themed website with lot many graphical effects can affect your page loading time.  

7) Code structure
If your HTML/CSS code is too dense, then it will increase the load time and will affect the overall user experience.
As per the Google verdict, page speed has an influence on Google ranking. And the study has proved that Google might accurately measure the time to the first byte when it considers page speed. Along with this slower page speed means that search engine can crawl only limited pages using allotted crawl budget, which can affect your indexation.

As we said earlier page speed is also important for the user experience. Page with lower speed tends to have higher bounce rate and lower average time on page. This also has an adverse effect on overall conversions.
It’s important to lower the page speed to offer a better user experience. If your website is optimized for mobile devices during the development phase and cleared the Google speed test, then you don’t have to worry.

So if you are worried about how to get your website on the 1st page of the Google ranking? Then improving the website performance by reducing the load time is one of the options. Analyze your website performance and take corrective measures.
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