Digital marketing Hacks to Grow Your Website Traffic in 2020

Having a business website but no traffic is pointless. You have built an amazing website for your business to showcase your products and services, but then how to promote it?
Every business, big or small, wants to see huge website traffic on their business website. This helps your brand to grow online and promotes your brand far and wide. People start to recognise your brand and visit your brick and mortar establishment to know more about you.
But is it that simple? Today the competition is tough. Every brand has a business website and they want to rank on search engines like Google where potential customers will find them and put an enquiry.
According to a study, 75% of people will never scroll past the first page on a Google search.
Which means that to capture maximum traffic, your website needs to be on the first page or for excellent results, on top 3 places.
Wondering how to do that? How to rank your business website in top page of Google? Here we bring to you some digital marketing hacks for 2020 that you can implement to get top rankings on Google.

Google Business profile optimisation
Yes, if you want to great SERP’s ranking on Google, then your Google Business profile matters. It is important for your local SEO.
To do that, just head on to Google My Business, Log in with your business Gmail account to claiming and verifying your Google business profile.

Giveaways through Social media
Social media is where most of your audience hangout. It is a perfect place for you as a brand to engage and communicate with your target audience.
To harness the power of social media to generate web traffic followed by potential leads, come up with a viral giveaway contest for your followers and drive them to your website. The more alluring the contest is, the more it will be shared by your followers gaining you more website traffic.

Build Quality Backlinks
Link building is one of the popular strategies for getting web traffic on the website. One places links to their own website on other websites that have high page authority (PA) and Domain authority (DA). With strong links from such websites will help to enhance the online visibility and get higher ranking on Google. By following quality link building strategy will helps boost your website traffic and sales

Engage on Q&A websites
Discussion or Q&A websites are popular to get answers by people who are experts in their field. Generate website traffic through Q&A websites like Quora, Stack Exchange or Reddit. Identify relevant topics and questions about your domain industry and answer them to help your audience. A website link at the end will take your readers to your website if they are interested to know about you.

Publish Linkedin articles
Linkedin is a professional space where experts have their profile made. Linkedin provides an opportunity for business to connect to other business, industry professionals and also where you can show your expertise. Publishing articles on Linkedin helps you to drive website traffic easily. Use of attractive headlines and relevant hashtags makes your article reach to the appropriate audience.\

Leverage Youtube Channel
Video content on YouTube helps businesses & brands to grab the attention of consumers and become a thought-leader in their niche market. A fact says that the total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month is 3.25 billion.
With such a huge number one can easily turn these views into website visits by producing a YouTube video. A viral video marketing strategy, a YouTube channel is a great source of free website traffic for business & brand.

Retargeting Ads
Remarketing is a smart way to connect with customers to your website who may not have made an enquiry or purchased any products on their first visit and bring them back to your website to educate further or remind them to purchase.