Content marketing for business growth – How Digital Marketing Agency can help achieve your online business growth

Content Marketing is really important for business growth? If sales is what’s on your mind then yes starting with content marketing tactics is what you need to implement right away!
If you are new to this concept of Content marketing. Lets first discuss

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing approach, both traditionally and digitally, based on creation of relevant, original and valuable content and distributing it across mediums to attract a defined and targeted audience and drive customers to business.

Content marketing positions your company to perform more strongly in the marketplace, qualify sales-ready leads and amplify the metrics that matter most to your bottom line.

Benefits of content marketing to grow online business

Increases visibility of your brand
Having quality content promoted across the appropriate social media channels gets your brand in front of those who may be looking for a solution to their problem.

Building brand awareness
Businesses face the challenge of getting their brand in front of their target audience. Creating content that continually gets found when someone is looking for an answer can influence your brand reputation.

Bring traffic to your site
Great content gets increased website traffic. Relevant and valuable pieces of content in your website will attract your niche audience and they are more likely to keep coming back. The more relevant traffic visits your website, the more traffic it will generate in future.

Drive conversions & sales
Creating content that engages your readers helps to increase your lead conversion, resulting in more sales for your business. People tends to block ads on their browsers, this gives content more importance when it comes to drive conversions and sales
Having great content on the website naturally invites readers to call the business for more enquiries and sales.

Build brand trust
Producing and writing content that provides advice, education and useful information freely and without having a feel of selling anything builds trust with your potential customers.
Thus having a trust based relationship are more likely to convert to a profitable business and also stay loyal in future.

Build authority and credibility
As quality content starts providing value for your business leads and customers, you start building credibility and authority with your target audience. Publishing content that talks about common challenges & issues that your customer faces helps your visitors to trust you and follow your advice and guidance when it comes to products and services that can add value to their lives.

How digital marketing agency can help grow your business in online market

As content marketing is a part of digital marketing strategy that involves one to create and distribute quality videos, graphics, and written content. Hiring a digital marketing agency helps businesses to  produce and share attractive and engaging materials and help businesses to generate leads and close sales.Here is how digital marketing agency help business:

Engaging website content
Your website content needs to be engaging if you want to accomplish business growth. If your content doesn’t engage and convert your readers to subscribers or buyers, they won’t be interested in coming back to your website. Writing great content is about making sure that your website delivers your target audience needs & helps them to make decisions to take profitable actions.

Writing blog posts
A blog gives you a place to regularly post articles of interest that are related to what you sell and that may attract the attention of people. Content marketing by creating interesting, compelling articles and posting them on a blog is also a great way to utilize social media to grow your business. Having a blog will help your brand grow

Guests posts
Guest blogging or guest posting helps your business grow with backlinks from high-traffic websites where you publish it. Higher the quality web traffic you achieve, the faster your website ranking will grow and get higher ranks in search engine pages. As you rank higher on search engines, more and more traffic will land on your website leading to more and more conversions

Publishing viral videos
Video, especially viral videos, is another way of doing content marketing. Videos engage more of the viewer’s senses and is an extremely powerful way to convey your business idea. 51.9 percent of professionals believe that a video gives them better return on investment compared to other text and plain image content. Videos like product explainers, demos, how to do and client testimonials helps to promote and grow business more better.

Submitting to forum/discussion sites
Forums are where same interest people meet and discuss topics that interest them. Forum submission has become a very important strategy to share knowledge and information and promote business products and services. Some discussion forums like Qoura, Reddit can help business to drive quality and interested traffic to their website and boost their growth

Infographic submission
Infographic submissions on popular platforms like Pinterest & Dribble also boost the engagement of the audience to your business. Publishing relevant information in graphical representation attracts the users and further leads them to visit your website where you can have them buy or feel in contact form for further communication.

Harness social media power
Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, social media platforms are where people are always sharing links to articles, blog posts, videos that interest them with their friend list.
Higher quality of the content leads to greater interest and viral sharing among the social media audience. Having a social media strategy to grow your business is key to sharing your content to your target audience.

Email marketing
Email marketing can be a great way to promote businesses to masses directly in their inbox.
Depending on the type of business and with proper strategy, a business can provide offers and giveaways to customers to retain them.
Also through email marketing a business can instill a sense of loyalty among the audience, current and new, to get business in future too.

Writing content for a website or for other channels mentioned above is not a tough task but creating a unique and powerful content requires expertise. One can find these qualities only with a professional digital marketing agency who has years of experience in the field of content marketing.
While you focus on business and take care of your customers, a digital marketing agency will craft customer-focussed content that will be viral and get you more and more business conversion through websites, social channels or any other media.