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Google has started to flag all Unencrypted (HTTP) websites as “Not secure” in the Google Chrome address bar. SSL certificates improves web security and privacy of the website. Every website has its own requirement of SSL certificate and accordingly one should choose their provider.

SSL Digital Certificate

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When it comes to securing your private and confidential information from the hackers over the internet, SSL is what you need. SSL is a standard security protocol ensuring that the communications/ data transmitted between the web browser and the web server is encrypted. SSL certificates gain trust from end-customers and boost sales by increasing conversions.

The data is what you enter while filling out a form, user login details, credit cards details etc. Having a business website with a signed SSL certificate ensures your website as hacker-free and authentic. Thus gaining the trust of the user who wishes to communicate with your business or wants to buy your products on your e-commerce store using the credit card details.

Leigia Solutions, an IT company who provides SSL digital certificates to business already owning a website and also we include this in the package when we build websites for new businesses or startups. Buying SSL digital certificate from Leigia Solutions helps protect the data and gives your user a secured feeling to share their details on your website.

Why SSL Certificates?

Establish trust and online security for your website visitors and business!

We offer different Types of SSL Certificates

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Domain Validation (DV) SSl Certificate

Domain Validation is the quick and standard SSL certificate used to secure the website. One can validate only domain name using Domain Validated SSL Certificate. The DV SSL certificate is mostly used to secure small business websites, non ecommerce websites, blogs etc and is the easiest way to secure the website.

Organization Validated (OV) Certificate

Ensure your visitors can check your business name behind the domain by ordering Organization Validated SSL certificates providing strong security means for e-Commerce sites and any other websites that considers to strengthen their website security.

Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

Extended Validation is the highly trusted SSL certificates. EV SSL certificates provide Green Address bar on the URL next to the display name of the company thereby indicating  safety and security to the user browse the site.